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New Feature: “Your Sunday Best”!

October 6, 2013


It’s time for a new Sunday feature here at The Byronic Man – Your Sunday Best.  On Sundays, I’ll put up a little list of “bests” – ideally with some oddity and compelling thought – and then you, faithful reader, will agree, disagree, harumph, and/or add your own items to the list.  It’s a Sunday […]

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Take A Break From The Heat And… Ask Sexy Stalin!

July 22, 2013


World feeling confusing?  Tired of advice that involves empathy, understanding, and a lack of sensual intensity?  Then it’s definitely time to strip down to your underwear and… Ask Sexy Stalin! Dear Sexy Stalin,  Should I move to America? On another note, should I bother making vegan brownies or just screw the non-murderers and make normal […]

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Spring Is In The Air, Which Means It’s Time Again To… Ask Sexy Stalin!

May 6, 2013


Have a problem and don’t know where to turn? Well… When Dr. Laura isn’t brutal enough… When Carolyn Hax isn’t sexy enough… When Dr. Phil isn’t yelling enough… That’s when you need to Ask Sexy Stalin! Dear Sexy Stalin, Fashion question: This spring, is it going to be OK to mix Czechs and stripes? Signed, Baddest […]

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Hey, Steve From Every Records Tells A Story! Let’s Play 20 Questions!

January 31, 2013


With Steve of Every Record Tells A Story being my featured blogger of the moment, it seemed like a great time to have a 20 Questions interview with him.  If you’re not familiar with him or his site, now’s the time! Hey, Steve from Every Record Tells A Story , Let’s Play 20 Questions! 1. What quality do you most admire […]

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Winter Blues Got You Down And Don’t Know Where To Turn? You Should “Ask Sexy Stalin!”

January 10, 2013


It can get depressing right now, as we head in to the darkest part of the year (yes, I know technically the days are getting longer – tell that to reality).  Or, if you’re in Australia, it’s probably a little depressing that it’s 400 degrees and the entire country is on fire.  But for whatever’s […]

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The Vote Came Down To A Smorgasbord of Bad Personal Habits!

December 2, 2012


Well, this week’s vote on the caption contest was a real nail-biter!  Okay, you probably weren’t obsessively checking.  And if you were, you may not have been, in fact, biting your nails in anticipation.  Which is good, because – really – that’s a terrible habit.  So’s knuckle-popping.  And I say that as a compulsive knuckle-popper. […]

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Hey, Emily From Snotting Black! Let’s Play 20 Questions!

November 29, 2012


It’s been a while since we’ve had a good old-fashioned 20 Questions, so it seemed like time to jump back in.  And who better than Emily over at Snotting Black?  If you haven’t visited her site before, you’re missing out. But don’t take my word for it… Hey, Emily!  Let’s Play 20 Questions! 1. What […]

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It’s Time For Another Installment Of: Ask Sexy Stalin!

November 14, 2012


When Dr. Laura isn’t brutal enough… When Carolyn Hax isn’t sexy enough… When Dr. Phil isn’t yelling enough… That’s when you need to Ask Sexy Stalin! Dear Sexy Stalin, How does one get their newborn baby to sleep more than 2 hours at a time? Your humblest admirer, who thinks you are way too sexy […]

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Get Top-Notch Advice AND WIN STUFF!

November 4, 2012


Hurricanes…  Recession…  Elections… NBC’s mistreatment of Community… Yes, the world is full of strife and mystery.  Fortunately, more and more of us are realizing we need to take a moment and ask: W W S S D ? What Would Sexy Stalin Do? Yes, Sexy Stalin-mania is sweeping the nation!  Because, as Sylvia Plath once […]

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Ask Sexy Stalin!

August 28, 2012


Having problems with your relationships?  Worried about financial planning?  Paranoid that everyone around you is plotting your downfall and wishing to have them banished to a frozen hell-scape?  Looking for a swarthy, attractive man to show you the way?  Well you’re in luck, because it’s time once again to… Ask Sexy Stalin! Jules from Go […]

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Hey, Spilled Ink Guy! Let’s Play 20 Questions!

July 5, 2012


Spilled Ink Guy (possibly not his real name) over at Refrigerator Magnate is an artist who posts – primarily – images of his artworks with a little of the background.  I first discovered him through Peg-o-Leg, when she did her “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup” series, and have been an avid follower ever since.  His use […]

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