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Getting Insurance Is As Easy As Arguing Over A Shirt For 2 Hours!

January 7, 2014


I did a commercial last week for an insurance company, in which I walk you through the process of signing up for insurance and explain the new health care laws.  The gist of it is that signing up for health care is easy and the insurance companies are here for you. You know, lying. The […]

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Banking On Hitting My Marks

October 15, 2013


Shot a commercial the other day in which I played the dramatic and exciting role of “man whose life is ridiculously cool and happy because he has mobile banking.”  All in all, the shoot went fine.  They say that 75% of acting is being able to hit your marks, and I think I hit all […]

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Typos Offend the God Rofeeb.

December 29, 2011


So, there’s just no cool way to put this, but I really like editing.  I just do.  Taking something that’s a train-wreck of confusion or waste or sloppiness and creating something beautiful.  Harmony from chaos.  As loyal, devoted, almost fanatical readers may recall, I’ve been working on a commercial lately, and we shot last week, […]

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