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Acting: It’s As Easy As Falling Off A Cliff In $2000 Shoes!

April 24, 2023


I managed to find the tiny gravel fire-road in the middle of the woods where we were going to be filming the first shots for a commercial I’d been cast in. How the location scouts had found these roads to begin with, I had no idea. I drove down and found the crew setting up. […]

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Oh, A “Yard Sale”? Sure, That’s Just What The Government Wants You To Think.

October 15, 2012


*** While The Byronic Man learns the answer to the query, “4 should be fine.  I mean, how many burp cloths could a person possibly need?” please enjoy this old, uh, classic post.  *** Okay, pop quiz, hot shot… You’re at a yard sale.  Why are you at a yard sale?  I don’t know, maybe […]

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There’s A First Time For Everything. Sometimes Two First Times.

July 12, 2012


As many of you know, I used to be – once upon a time – a full-time stand up comedian.  The end of that is summarized briefly on my Let’s Meet The Author page (perhaps a more detailed recollection will be here one of these days).  But for some reason I was just thinking about […]

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My Garbage Man, My Enemy

February 4, 2012


This is Clancy. Clancy is our beagle.  He’s just about the sweetest, kindest-hearted animal you can imagine.  He doesn’t even bay – the only time he howls is when he hears a fire engine or wild dogs.  The things that matter to Clancy are chewies, chasing his Squeaky Monkey, making sure that no one is […]

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Typos Offend the God Rofeeb.

December 29, 2011


So, there’s just no cool way to put this, but I really like editing.  I just do.  Taking something that’s a train-wreck of confusion or waste or sloppiness and creating something beautiful.  Harmony from chaos.  As loyal, devoted, almost fanatical readers may recall, I’ve been working on a commercial lately, and we shot last week, […]

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Who Are You, And Why Are You Recording The Hallmark Channel?

December 13, 2011


My wife is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met.  Truly.  She reads Russian novels for fun.  She goes to the opera and gets it.  Which is not to suggest that I’m married to Lady Snootybottom of Floggingpeasant Estate or anything, she’s fun and goofy and everything.  It’s just that her intellect is […]

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Crime-Buster Action Update!

December 3, 2011


As readers may recall, a couple weeks ago my wife and I became America’s greatest heroes.  The fact that Christopher Nolan and Bryan Singer aren’t fist-fighting over the movie rights to our story can only be explained by the notion that they’re playing coy (Well, it won’t work, Nolan!).  So, there have been a few […]

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This Thing’s Going To Be On The Edge Of Edgy – Maybe On The Edge of THAT!

December 1, 2011


I’m currently getting ready to direct a commercial; right now it ‘s in the planning stages.  It’s a low budget ad, just for the Internet.  It’s for this thing that you can use in restaurants where you swipe your card at the table instead of the waiter taking the card and running away and buying […]

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