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Quiet Concern On The Set, Please! (pt. 2)

June 6, 2013


**This is a continuation of the story that begins here.  I’d highly recommend reading that first to be caught up. It won’t take that long, I promise. So… The lead actress and the director arrived at last.  She wasn’t really speaking because she’d lost her voice that morning and was going to have to croak, […]

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Thank You, Mr. Ebert, For Introducing Me To One Of The Loves of My Life

April 5, 2013


When I was a teenager, there was the massive tome Roger Ebert’s Movie Home Companion.  It made me want to see Taxi Driver, and Casablanca, and The Godfather, and It Happened One Night; not because it seemed like you had to if you wanted to claim to like “great” movies, but because he made them […]

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3 Movies That Are Better If They Take Place Entirely In The Protagonists’ Minds: Spoiler Space

February 12, 2013


This is the Spoiler Space for today’s examination of 3 films made better if they take place in the minds of the protagonists.  If you’ve come here first, you might want to read the original discussion first. And, as should be painfully obvious at this point, these addenda will give away the endings of the […]

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3 Movies That Are Better If They Take Place Entirely In The Protagonists’ Minds

February 12, 2013


(This page will overview only the general plots, but not reveal key events. Be sure to visit the Spoiler Space page if you’ve seen one or more of the films – or don’t care about having the ending revealed – and want to discuss specific, key elements of the films) The Grey (2012) – Liam […]

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Wait, We Hate This Now? – The Matrix

February 3, 2013


The whims of pop-culture taste can be cruel and impulsive.  Fashion, music, television… nothing is guaranteed to last for any length of time.  Today’s “Gangnam Style” is tomorrow’s “Macarena” (literally – I mean, they’re basically the same song).  But sometimes the victims of culture shift seem to come out of nowhere.  In response, I present […]

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Know Your Monsters – For Safety’s Sake

October 30, 2012


Here at the Byronic Man, we’re all about safety.  So, just in time to be prepared for Halloween, see how many of the movie monsters below you can identify!  (We’re looking for characters, not actors or movie titles).  Good luck, and no cheating!  You know what they say about cheaters:  “Winners never cheat, and cheaters […]

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For Your (Re)Consideration: The Godfather, Part III

March 13, 2012


This new series, “For Your (Re)Consideration,” is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, in order to take a look at older pieces – books, music, movies – that either have been maligned, or have become classic to the point of ignoring.  What I mean is, there are works that everyone hates because […]

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And The Winner Should Be…

February 26, 2012


So, listen, we all have different feelings about the Oscars…often not great, sure, but there’s something unmistakably alluring about whole thing.  Maybe it’s just trying to identify the “best” movie, maybe it’s trying to identify what will win through examining the odds, maybe it’s just waiting for it to be over so you can huff […]

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Like, Gag Me With A Remake

February 18, 2012


Dear Hollywood, Look, I know we’ve had our differences over the years.  I know I make fun of you, and mock you sometimes for selling to the lowest denominator and even trying to lower the denominator.  But I like to think our differences have been professional, respectful.  I recognize that you have billions of dollars […]

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#OMG Rowzbud Is, Like, A Sled!

December 6, 2011


Movie theaters have, as everyone knows, grown more and more desperate to lure people back to theaters in recent years.  Attendance has particularly dropped as home theaters have grown more sophisticated and less full of awful people who won’t shut up and oh my god seriously you’re going to answer your phone?  During the finale? […]

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Rescuing Han

September 15, 2011


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… right around the end of The Empire Strikes Back… Luke: Leia, Chewie, C3P0, R2D2, Lando, thanks for meeting.  Okay, it’s been a rough couple months, I know we’re all pretty shaken.  C3P0 got blown to bits, Han’s frozen in carbonite— Chebacca:  Graawwnk! Luke: I know, […]

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