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“Can’t Miss” Attractions At Our House, According To My 15-Month-Old

May 1, 2023


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A Father’s Wish For His Children

April 27, 2015


May my children have the strength to forgive those who treat them poorly. And may those who treat them poorly be granted understanding of their actions. And then may that understanding make them be driven blind with grief, and plunge them into insanity and despair forever. May my children have the skill and good fortune […]

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A Year Of Kidneybean

October 10, 2013


Today is Kidneybean’s first birthday.  It’s staggering to think it’s already been a year, and it’s staggering to think it’s only been a year.  And while I’m considerably less cool  than a year ago (I’ve caught myself humming “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” more than once, when there were no babies in the vicinity), and look considerably […]

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Excerpt From The Journal Of A 6-Month-Old

May 27, 2013


4:20am:  Hm.  I think it’s time to get up.  Hm.  Yeah.  Time to get up.  Time to get up! Time to get up! Time to get up!  Gosh, where is everybody?  TIME TO GET UP! 6:14am:  I am very close to figuring out the code to the three buttons on the play station.  There is […]

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