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The Voters Have Spoken. Now It’s Time To Vote. Again.

November 25, 2012


Well, having you vote for the finalists in last week’s caption contest seems to have gone well overall.  Certainly made selecting finalists easier for me.  There is, of course, one little thing… People. Seriously. There’s no need to give other folk’s comments a “thumbs down.”  I’m not even sure why WordPress includes that feature, but […]

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Please Hire Me To Write Your Concession Speech

November 10, 2012


Honestly, I can’t imagine much harder than giving a political concession speech.  To put that much of yourself in to something, that much money that much time, and then to lose and have to walk out in front of the cameras right then – not even get a day to drink a bottle of tequila, […]

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Why I May Be What’s Wrong With America

July 7, 2012


I’ve decided that I may be what’s wrong with America.  It’s selecting finalists for these ‘Weekly Questions of the Week’ that have done it.  “Oh, I’ll have these little questions of the week, and pick a couple finalists, and it’ll be fun and a way to feature bloggers!” I thought naively.  Little did I know […]

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Vote, or Vote Not. There Is No Try.

June 9, 2012


An unexpected by-product of last week’s Caption Contest: The discovery of how many people have never seen a Star Wars film. People.  Seriously. If you read John Locke’s Social Contract, you know that as a member of society, you have certain expectations.  Obligations.  You stop at red lights.  You don’t steal.  You defend other people’s […]

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Neck & Neck Election Results, Leading To This Week’s Blogger of the Week

April 28, 2012


So I gave a little extra time to the voting for last week’s finalists regarding theme parks since some idiot forgot to make the poll readily available to people (I blame my imaginary intern, Felix).  For those of you following the voting today minute-by-minute, perhaps offering you’re own color-commentary and speculations about how voting would […]

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