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Tonight’s Feature Presentation Will Begin As Soon As You Accept That You’re Not Getting Any Sleep

May 27, 2012


So, there are the genres of movie we all know – the romcom, the horror film, et cetera.  But movies go way beyond that, in terms of niche.  Then there are the genres that are a bit more specified – genres you couldn’t really plan for. For example, some years ago one of my best […]

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You Know What They Say, “A Wink Is As Good As A Disturbing Implication”

March 18, 2012


This week’s Weekly Question of the Week is about winking. Yes, the wink.  The micro-second flirter, the conspirer, the communicator of inside knowledge, the facial tic that gets mistaken for sexual harassment. Also something that is hilarious when people lack the musculature to do it.  Like when little kids wink, and their entire face collapses […]

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And “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”? Makes Me Sad And Anxious

January 29, 2012


Over at H.E. Ellis, she’s been celebrating her 100th post with 10 lists of top 10’s. In one of them, she mentioned the song “Goodbye Horses” being forever rendered creepy by the movie The Silence of the Lambs.  Now, it’s not a particularly good song, really, but it got me thinking about songs that, because […]

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Fly Free, Like The Eagle! And Sniff Free, Like The Wiener Dog! And So on!

January 8, 2012


I remember when I was a kid and learned how bees see the world.  I thought, “How funny that bees don’t see things like they really are, like we do.”  A moment passed.  A synapse fired.  Then I thought, “Wait a second… What if we don’t see the world the way it really is?”  Another […]

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Thanks, I’m Touched. Baffled, But Touched.

December 11, 2011


The ones that were clearly picked up at the last minute at a truck stop or airport.  The ones that obviously were desired by the giver instead of the receiver.  The ones that the saleman must have talked them in to. Then there are the ones that just made you wonder: has this person ever […]

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Christmas Songs You’d Like To Punch In Their Stupid Faces

December 4, 2011


This week’s Weekly Question of the Week is inspired by Becoming Cliché’s post from a couple days ago about the worst Christmas songs ever written.  Christmas songs provoke impressive and diverse reactions.  There are many that I dig that I completely understand others loathe, and vice versa.  For example, I like “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” […]

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Black Friday and You

November 27, 2011


Well, another Black Friday has come and gone, and once again the news is filled with hilarious pictures of people causing their fellow humans bodily harm to get to a DVD player.  (Correction!  A DVD player that’s 20% off!) Maybe you love Black Friday, maybe you hate it, maybe you hate it but are drawn […]

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Your Weekly Question of the Week for 11/20

November 20, 2011


It’s time for another Weekly Question of the Week (which may or may not appear weekly)!  Your chance to mull over a theoretical, ultimately meaningless question! Fan or not, I think we can all agree that pro-wrestlers and roller derby competitors tend to have pretty awesome names.  Wrestlers like The Undertaker, Macho Man Savage, Big […]

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Your Weekly Question of the Week

November 13, 2011


A little something different for a (hopefully) lazy Sunday morning.  Possibly a regular Sunday feature – Your Weekly Question Of The Week, in which I’ll pose Your Weekly Question Of The Week Question.  I’ll throw out a question for you to mull about, and then maybe you leave your thoughts.  We share, we laugh, we […]

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