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Byronic Man: Now With 1% More Corporate Jargon

June 23, 2012


We here at The Byronic Man are all about synergy.  Nah, I’m kidding.  Actually, when I hear the word “synergy” I picture a guy in a power-tie with his fingers steepled, explaining why, say, putting Winnie-The-Pooh on assault weapons is a good idea. But the finalists for last Sunday’s Weekly Question of the Week and […]

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I’m Pro-Creepy, And I Vote!

June 16, 2012


Well, one thing is for sure: a lot of us had creepy experiences with toys. And not just old-timey ventriloquist dolls.  But I suspect that’s mostly because they’re old-timey, so we didn’t have a chance.  Because this?  Is creepy. A number of you responded to last week’s Weekly Question of the Week with similar answer, […]

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Ninja Turtles: Now Explodier Than Ever

March 20, 2012


I need to learn to let it go. You’d think, after the incredibly popular movie Transformers spawned two unbelievably popular sequels, I’d just accept it.  And yet I can’t!  The idea that someone, director Michael Bay, could take a toy from the 80’s and turn it in to a movie about aliens who are living […]

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Update: Russian Legos Are Not People!

February 15, 2012


ACTION NEWS UPDATE!  I wrote recently about the protest in Barnaul, Russia, regarding government corruption.  As you may (or may not – that’s okay) recall, as protests were banned, citizens set up toys carrying adorable little signs to do the protesting for them.  The government was initially unsure how to react, having to choose between […]

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