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Hey, Renee From “Life In The Boomer Lane,” Let’s Play 20 Questions!

May 17, 2012


Life in the Boomer Lane is one of those sites that’s particularly impressive for the window it gives in to a specific life experience.  The baby-boomers have never been, shall we say, shy about talking about their experiences as a generation, but Renee at Life in the Boomer Lane gives a really clear, witty account […]

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Hey, K8edid, Let’s Play 20 Questions!

April 19, 2012


Today’s 20 Questions interview is with the incomparable K8edid. Her site is an amalgam of humor, poetry and recipes that give you a pretty comprehensive sense of her, for being someone you’ve never met – which is pretty impressive for a blog.  She claims to be a “closet writer,” but don’t you believe it.  She’s […]

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Hey, Jules From Go Guilty Pleasures, Let’s Play 20 Questions!

January 10, 2012


Today marks the kick-off of what will hopefully be wildly enjoyable and successful feature here at The Byronic Man: The 20 Questions Interview. It’s modeled after the famous Proust Questionnaire designed to get to know artistic types a little better.  Mine’s perhaps not as poignant and sophisticated as the other one, but on the other […]

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