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You’ll Pauperism This Interview, And That’s No Brussels!

May 23, 2012


I’ve been feeling reflective lately as I close in on a note-worthy number for subscribers here, leaving me thinking about the evolution and state of the Byronic Man as a site, and wanting to find ways to show my appreciation.  As part of contemplating this little community, I thought it might be fun to select […]

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UPDATE: HBO Cancels Luck, And The Byronic Man Is Incredibly Powerful

March 15, 2012


UPDATE: So a few hours ago I wrote about the rampant horse abuse lately on TV shows, including the death of the third horse involved with the production of HBO’s Luck.  And now HBO has halted production of Luck indefinitely! It’s been canceled, and I think it’s obvious it’s because of my blog post.  I […]

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The Ballad of Saint Me

December 26, 2011


Every year, I get pretty involved with a canned food drive here.  This year, one of the coordinators suggested I help out with the delivery of the care packages on the morning of Christmas Eve.  “You’ve done the hard work part,” he said.  “This is the payoff.  I warn you, though, you’re going to be […]

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