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They Seem To Emphasize The “TV.” The “Reality” Not So Much.

September 30, 2012


We had to write a bunch of thank you cards today, for baby gifts (man, raising a child really is hard work!).  And by “we” I mean my wife wrote a lot and I periodically popped in and said, “Wow, you’re still at it?” and then eventually she got fed up and I had to […]

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Brace Yourself: TV is Fake

June 13, 2012


In news that could prove quite shocking to no one, more and more reality TV shows are turning out to be fake.  I know.  Fakery reigns, from Survivor inserting fake footage to make the challenges look more exciting, to participants on multiple shows being goaded into fighting, to it turning out that the contestants on […]

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Hopefully This Does Not Mean There Will Be A Show Called “Horse Puncher”

March 15, 2012


If you’ve been trying to find something to be thankful for the last couple of days, be thankful you’re not a horse who’s currently working in the American TV industry.  Pretty specific on the “thankfulness list”, I know – probably somewhere between “I’m thankful that I’m not an aspiring throat-singer who didn’t make the cut […]

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Terrifying Reality TV Statistics: Free With Every Box of Thin Mints

October 14, 2011


A study conducted by the Girl Scout Research Institute (which is apparently a real place, where I doubt there are serious-looking women walking around with clipboards while wearing the little uniform) has concluded that girls who watch awful reality TV shows have worse images of themselves and beliefs about how to behave as women.  I […]

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