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A Q&A regarding The Byronic Man Twitterfeed

January 17, 2013


A Q&A regarding The Byronic Man, now on Twitter… Q: Well, The Byronic Man on Twitter!  Are you excited? A: Oh, definitely!  The same way blogging is such a great way to force yourself to write and publish without over-thinking, and to build community, I think this could be a great new venue. Q: Why […]

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#OMG Rowzbud Is, Like, A Sled!

December 6, 2011


Movie theaters have, as everyone knows, grown more and more desperate to lure people back to theaters in recent years.  Attendance has particularly dropped as home theaters have grown more sophisticated and less full of awful people who won’t shut up and oh my god seriously you’re going to answer your phone?  During the finale? […]

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Getting With The Times (Ha! It’s A Pun!)

August 6, 2011


I recently wrote a guest post over at the always compelling, entertaining and engaging Worst Professor Ever, and the post got tweeted by The Times (you see, in England, they still have a few remaining “news papers” – which are like news web sites that have been printed off for you; I know, clever, right?), […]

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