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5 Reasons Shark Week Is Just So, So Ridiculous

August 3, 2013


Shark Week starts again on the Discovery Channel this weekend.   So, why do I think Shark Week on The Discovery Channel is just so, so ridiculous? Well, because… “Sharks are calm, by nature.  Focused.  But for ages scientists have wondered: how will they react if we throw blood and food in the water, then slap […]

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7 Amazing Facts About Sharks, And 1 Tragic one

March 7, 2013


Long-time readers, obsessive fans, and casual browsers with impressive intuitive skills might know that I love sharks.  I’m fascinated by them.  So, inspired by an article I read yesterday, I’m foregoing the humor for the day.  Instead: 7 amazing sharks facts, and 1 terrible one. 1. Lantern sharks can glow in the dark. 2. Many […]

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Bad News: Sharks Are Coming To Kill Us All. Good News: HYBRID Sharks Are Coming To Kill Us All

January 5, 2012


According to a recent report, sharks – the world’s most totally awesome creatures who also scare the crap out of me – may be evolving.  Apparently, a breed of “hybrid shark” has been discovered of the coast of Australia.  Now, before you get your hopes up, it’s a hybrid with another species of shark.  It’s […]

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