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5 Reasons Shark Week Is Just So, So Ridiculous

August 3, 2013


Did you know that sharks have 6 senses, instead of 5?  Yeah, well, you wouldn't be thinking about that when their teeth slice through your rib cage like 50 Ginsu knives!

Shark Week starts again on the Discovery Channel this weekend.   So, why do I think Shark Week on The Discovery Channel is just so, so ridiculous? Well, because… “Sharks are calm, by nature.  Focused.  But for ages scientists have wondered: how will they react if we throw blood and food in the water, then slap […]

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7 Amazing Facts About Sharks, And 1 Tragic one

March 7, 2013


Long-time readers, obsessive fans, and casual browsers with impressive intuitive skills might know that I love sharks.  I’m fascinated by them.  So, inspired by an article I read yesterday, I’m foregoing the humor for the day.  Instead: 7 amazing sharks facts, and 1 terrible one. 1. Lantern sharks can glow in the dark. 2. Many […]

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Bad News: Sharks Are Coming To Kill Us All. Good News: HYBRID Sharks Are Coming To Kill Us All

January 5, 2012


According to a recent report, sharks – the world’s most totally awesome creatures who also scare the crap out of me – may be evolving.  Apparently, a breed of “hybrid shark” has been discovered of the coast of Australia.  Now, before you get your hopes up, it’s a hybrid with another species of shark.  It’s […]

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