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Vote Bear and Cat in 2012

September 9, 2012


Well, the political conventions are over, and at last the great national question of who – who – will get the nominations for the two parties is settled.  Now we should take a break from all this serious political debate and complex rhetorical analysis of global issues and take time once again for a caption […]

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And Mama Bear Said, “This Sheriff Is Too Trigger-Happy”

August 6, 2012


Bears recently twice ransacked a home in the small town of Bearsville, NY, before being driven off by the town’s sheriff. – Recent news item To the editor: Recently my family and I visited, hoping for a nice getaway in a welcoming small town.  I can only say that the people of your town should […]

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Bears, If You Are Unable To Use A Laptop, Please Vote Via Roar.

May 26, 2012


Oh, man, I may have to do this caption thing more often.  The responses this week were just fantastic.  I almost couldn’t bear to eliminate any of them, so bear with me if yours isn’t among the finalists!  I also suspect you’ll have a bear of a time choosing from among them! Bear. But the […]

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Bear With Me This Week (Ha! ‘Cause The Picture! It’s of a Bear!)

May 20, 2012


We got a lot of rules around here.  A lot of policies; a lot of guidelines.  First off?  No typos.  Ever.  Next?  A firm commitment to pictures of half of people’s faces.  And rule 3: “why not.”  So instead of a question for this week, I thought we’d try the Weekly Caption of the Week! […]

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