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This Is Why Fluffy Bear/Cuddle Cat Would Be Such Good Candidates: They Can’t Talk.

September 23, 2012


Well, it’s Sunday, and it’s time to announce the winner of the caption contest, and for another Weekly Question of the Week*! (* title does not intend to suggest weekly appearance) First was the caption contest, which I probably ruined by telling the back story of Muschi and Mauschen – the cat and bear who […]

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The Romney Campaign: Defying Expectations!

September 19, 2012


A couple of weeks ago the Romney campaign, admitting that things had been rocky, announced its intentions to revamp its campaign.  Sure enough, since then Romney’s campaign has been in the headlines nearly every day. Now, revealed for the first time here at The Byronic Man, we present the memo outlining the revised plan for […]

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Mitt Romney: Make Politics Hilarious Again.

March 6, 2012


Oh, Mitt Romney.  I adore you.  You are my absolute favorite political candidate in this presidential race, and I just want you to know that.  Don’t misunderstand me – I don’t really want you to be president, but I’m enjoying your campaign so much it just makes me giddy.  You’re like a parody of the […]

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