This Is Just To Have Already Said…

April 28, 2012


William Carlos Williams is spinning in his grave this week – with joy, that is!  Joy at the lovely extensions of his poem “This Is Just To Say” that you all (Byromaniacs?  Are we going with that? Sure, we’re going with that) came up with.  Whole new levels of imagery and nuance and lots of vengeful anger that Williams could only imply with his gluttonous, sneaky plum eating.

If you need a refresher on the original or the variations, zoom back here.  So put on your poetry-reading hats, or tunics, or giant banana costumes, whatever outfits you have for poetry appreciation and dig in to these finalists!  Then vote below.  Because competition, of course, is the essence of poetry.

This is just to say
I used the last roll

of toilet paper
So soft
Never replaced
In the basement
Is a new case
Napkins left
In the rolls place
– Fraha
This Is Just to Say
I have taped over
the NHL playoff game
that was in
the DVR
and which
you were probably
for the weekend
Forgive me
It was so boring
so sleep-inducing
and so stupid
(and besides, I needed to tape Dancing with the Stars)
– Howlin’ Mad Heather
This is just to say
I spent the money
you were saving

for a lawnmower.
I am sorry, I know
how you coveted that Deere
to manicure your lawn
But I coveted a manicure, too.
– K8edid
This is just to say
I thought about what you said
I understand you need some space
and I’m not angry
your stuff is on the lawn
the fire is almost out
your mom can’t wait to see you
and your old room is just the way
you left it
– Skipping Stones
This is Just to Say…
I forgot to unplug
the iron like you
asked me to.
Don’t worry, you
can always rebuild.
Here’s a $10-off
coupon for Motel 6.
It will be like a vacation.
They have free HBO.
– Curly Carly

And there you have them, in all their glory!

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16 Comments on “This Is Just To Have Already Said…”

  1. gojulesgo Says:

    I cast my vote! But I think you should leave me on your sidebar. Just update the heading to “Blogger of Forever.” (“My Favorite Blogger” will also do.)


  2. Valentine Logar Says:

    This is just to say…I actually said nearly that to an ex (though I didn’t set fire)


  3. Howlin' Mad Heather Says:

    Hey, this is just to say…that I voted for myself. This was a lot of fun.


  4. Blogdramedy Says:

    This is just to say…hi! It’s been a while. Still as whacked as ever I see. Good to know some things never change. 😉


  5. tedstrutz Says:

    I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS A CONTEST!!! I would have tried harder. I think they are riddled with favoritism anyway.

    I am on my way to the drugstore to buy a pair of sunglasses, so I can log onto your blog in the future. It seems there is a blindingly bright object on the right side of the page… it was not there last time looked.


  6. skippingstones Says:

    Woot! I’m a finalist!! Setting fire to other people’s stuff really pays off.



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