Neck & Neck Election Results, Leading To This Week’s Blogger of the Week

April 28, 2012


"We are seem some very exciting results coming from urban centers, aren't we, Ken?" "We sure are, Brian! Let's go now live to WordPress headquarter for some more exit-polling..."

So I gave a little extra time to the voting for last week’s finalists regarding theme parks since some idiot forgot to make the poll readily available to people (I blame my imaginary intern, Felix).  For those of you following the voting today minute-by-minute, perhaps offering you’re own color-commentary and speculations about how voting would go as the crucial “Morning coffee and blog reading” hours move across the country – you’ve seen some very exciting changes!

It went back and forth all yesterday and today, but closing the polls at 3:00, the winner by just a couple votes is 1 Point Perspective!  Especially exciting for 1 Point, because he’s been a bridesmaid several times now and was about to give up writing entirely (I doubt that’s true, but it makes a nice image, doesn’t it?).

You must be *this* tall to enter the Pavilion of Sexiness.

1 Point Perspective’s vision was for Brangelina Land, featuring such rides as Oscar’s Wild Snub, The Gossip Rag of Terror, and the Hot Air Plume, where you are wafted in to the air by opinions on issues the speaker doesn’t necessarily know that much about.

Congratulations, 1 Point Perspective!

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15 Comments on “Neck & Neck Election Results, Leading To This Week’s Blogger of the Week”

  1. Life With The Top Down Says:

    Jeez I’m having Bush v. Gore flashbacks after reading this post. Congrats to 1Point Perspective!


    • 1pointperspective Says:

      In the immortal words of The Flying Nun, “You like me, you really, really like me!” This bit of free publicity will do the trick and get me over 40 followers, then, the world’s my oyster! Thanks to all my voters, the bribe checks are in the mail.


      • gojulesgo Says:

        Kudos, 1 Point Perspective! A well-deserved win. Can I get one of those jump passes to skip ahead in line? You could call them the “scratching and clawing your way to the top” passes.


        • 1pointperspective Says:

          I’ve heard of such passes. True story: I once went to Disneyworld with a large group of special needs kids, many of whom were in wheelchairs. I spoke with several park employees and they all gave me a dull, bewildered look when I asked about the passes. Over the course of 8 hours at the park, we were able to take the kids on 3 rides. I don’t believe the passes exist. In your case, we’ll make an exception…
          Also, my apologies, I didn’t see the guilty pleasure contest until this morning, and even if I had, my guilty pleasures are so unspeakably vile, that I’d only manage to undo all of the positive publicity I’m getting from (finally) winning Byronic’s contest.
          On the bright side, I’ve managed to piss off a couple of people from Facebook with my bullying piece that I’ve actually been unfriended! It’s hard to believe, we were so close back in algebra class! I guess people change…


      • The Byronic Man Says:

        You know what they say, business model-wise. Once you’ve got fifty followers, it’s time to go behind a pay wall. Charge each person five dollars a read, and live like a king!


  2. pegoleg Says:

    Congrats, 1point- you’ve arrived! Please remember to wield your power for good.


  3. skippingstones Says:

    Congratulations, 1 Point Perspective!


  4. freddyflow Says:

    I blame myself… I posted to my Facebook page asking all to vote for Mr. Pierpoint Elective (or whatever he calls himself), and of course my sycophantic Stepford Wives’ followers did as they were told. Mea culpa!


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