Hey, K8edid, Let’s Play 20 Questions!

April 19, 2012

20 Questions, Humor

Today’s 20 Questions interview is with the incomparable K8edid. Her site is an amalgam of humor, poetry and recipes that give you a pretty comprehensive sense of her, for being someone you’ve never met – which is pretty impressive for a blog.  She claims to be a “closet writer,” but don’t you believe it.  She’s the real deal.

So, Hey! K8edid!  Let’s play 20 Questions!

Gee, Misses K8edid, your butt sure looks trim in those jeans!

1. What quality do you most admire in others?  Honesty. Unless I’ve asked if my butt looks big, then lie to me, please. Second choice would be the ability to suck up. I love that in my friends.

2. What trait do you most dislike in yourself?  I can be extremely sarcastic. But I’ve learned to temper it (usually) with compassion in consideration of other people’s feelings. Usually.

3. If you could come back in your next life as anything, what would it be?  Shelby, my German Shepherd. Or a bald eagle. I’ve been rocking the white hair for many years, long before I got old enough for it, so I think I could pull it off.

4. You’re suddenly made the absolute ruler of your country. What is the first change you make?  Wait. You mean I’m not already the ruler? I would outlaw Capri pants. And sandals unless you have nice looking feet.

Heck of a guitar player, too.

5. With which Peanuts character do you most identify?  Woodstock – always writing, always questioning; the voice of reason.

6. What 3 songs do you think you’ve listened to more than any others in your life?  “Against the Wind” – Bob Seger; “Hallelujah” – Jeff Buckley; “Whiskey River” – Willie Nelson

7. If you could relive one day – either keeping it the same, or changing something – what would you choose?  I think I might have chosen different parents. Not that I didn’t love my mom, but my childhood was pretty rough. So yeah, I might have gone home from the hospital with a different set of parents. Of course, I might have gotten a much worse deal, too.

8. What is your biggest fear?  Making an ass of myself. I fear it because I am so good at it.

9. What would you like the title of your biography to be? Kicking It with Katy

You don't get much cooler than Gregory Peck. Maybe Robert Duvall? Oh, wait, he's in it, too.

10. What movie or book has had the biggest impact on you?  To Kill a Mockingbird. Both movie and book.

11. What is your favorite thing about blogging?  The people of the blogosphere – what talent! I’ve “met” so many wildly talented people that I would never have had the opportunity to get to know.

12. Least favorite thing about blogging?  Seeing all my typos AFTER I hit the submit or publish or post button. And losing hours of valuable time checking out “just one more” blog…

So, Wonder Woman's invisible jet is probably not high on your wish list...

13. Which superpower would you choose if you could: the ability to fly, or to turn invisible at will?  I spent my childhood trying, unsuccessfully, to be invisible. I would like the ability to fly (see question #3) as long as no airplanes are involved. I hate flying on airplanes.

14. What is your idea of perfect happiness?  Vacation with my hubby – no itinerary, no money worries, no expectations, no responsibilities. Just the two of us and the open road, good music, a cooler full of drinks, a bag of snacks. Heavenly.

15. Which of the 7 Deadly Sins are you most guilty?  Hard for me to pick my favorites – with my recent health issues involving my stomach, gluttony will have to be my former favorite. So I guess sloth wins.

Oh, I don't know. Florence Nightingale might have been interested in the "7 words you can't say to patients."

16. What public figure (past or present) are you just sure you’d be friends with, if you ever met?  Florence Nightingale.  Also George Carlin.  I’d love to have lunch with both of them.  But probably not at the same time.

17. What public figure would you really like to sit down and give a good talking-to? To explain why they’re wrong, wrong, wrong.  Oh, there are so many. The problem is most public figures don’t get to be public figures because they listen to people – they get to be public figures because they get people to listen to THEM. But right now I would like to deliver a tongue lashing to all of our elected officials about the disgrace that is our health care delivery system, which can best be described using one word – CLUSTER.

18. If you could spend a year in any time and place, when and where would you choose?  I like right here, right now. I’d like another year right here, right now.

19. If you could “steal” the creation of any book, album or movie – to just suddenly be the creator of it, what would you choose and why?  I can’t wrap my head around this question. American Pie – the album. I’ve always liked the lyrics (mostly for the other songs on the album, some of which are incredible).

20. What would you most like people to say about you after you’re gone?  That I was brilliant, funny, lovable, trustworthy, honest, and only mildly sarcastic.

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69 Comments on “Hey, K8edid, Let’s Play 20 Questions!”

  1. k8edid Says:

    Oh, B-Man, I love the photos you’ve included in my 20 questions interview – each one is perfect. And, on second thought, perhaps lunch with both George Carlin AND Florence Nightingale would be perfect.

    Thanks for including me in your 20 Questions series – it was fun!.

    As an added bonus, I will answer any other questions your readers may have. So ask away.


  2. Life With The Top Down Says:

    This was wonderful, funny and certainly has me thinking this morning. As for k8edid, I don’t think you’ll have any problem receiving your wish for #20.


  3. She's a Maineiac Says:

    Well, golly gee, Katy–this has to be the best interview ever! (I had to bust out my Eddie Haskell for a little sucking up…)

    Extreme sarcasm? Making an ass of oneself? To Kill a Mockingbird? George Carlin??!! I think I love you. George Carlin is my idol. When he died it was tragic for me. As for questions for you…let’s see…I’ll have to drink more coffee and come up with a good one…


    • k8edid Says:

      We might actually be twins separated at birth (except for the whole age difference thing, of course)

      Oh, Gawd….I’m repeating myself. I am probably old enough to be your mother (but not nearly funny enough)


      • She's a Maineiac Says:

        Oh, here’s my question, can we get together for drinks this weekend? I’m buying. Or just coffee and dessert? (I’ll bring the migraine meds either way)


        • k8edid Says:

          Oh, Lord – YES. How about drinks, coffee, AND dessert?


          • She's a Maineiac Says:

            Why, certainly! Or should I say, hellz ya!


            • k8edid Says:

              Hellz ya, we’re on then. Better lay in a big supply of the migraine meds ‘ cause lack of sleep gives me a migraine as well, and I think we’d be up yakking all night.

              Although it is rather a long way to drive for coffee. But then you did offer dessert as well. And say, since I’d be in the neighborhood could I just stay a few days? You know, until my brother straightens up?


  4. MJ, Nonstepmom Says:

    so glad you’re doing these interviews….I can see why blogs are so fascinating when theres more info about the writers !


  5. BrainRants Says:

    Great interview. And yeah, the photos to accompany are perfect.


  6. susielindau Says:

    And I though I was the queen of sarcasm. I just wrote about that! Hahaha! Great questions and awesome answers. I will go and check out her blog!


  7. Life in the Boomer Lane Says:

    You lose, Katy. #20 The rest, yeah. But “mildly” sarcastic. Nope. No mildly about it. GREAT interview.


  8. gojulesgo Says:

    This was fantastic, Katy! And it really made me want to take a roadtrip with the hub, with a cooler and snacks. I heard you’re answering other questions… I LOVE the Inside the Actors Studio questions. What’s your favorite word and least favorite word? (I also want to hear your favorite swear word and what you think God would say when you ‘arrive at the pearly gates,’ but I won’t be selfish. I’m already gluttonous.)

    P.S. – Oooh, B-Man, you changed question 19! I like this new one.


    • k8edid Says:

      We really have alot of fun on our road trips. You can come along next time. Bring your life coaches and the vodka.

      Least favorite word – housework. Favorite word – ubitquitous. I just like it. Favorite swear word – Shitballs.

      As in “The clues as to which Deadly Sin I am most guilty of are ubiquitous. Shitballs, I really need to do some damned housework…”

      I am hoping God will look like George Clooney and talk and think like George Carlin. He’ll probably say something like: “Shitballs, k8edid. Come back when you are a little less sarcastic…”


      • k8edid Says:

        HaHa – I spelled my favorite word wrong the first time…Ubiquitous. Now I must write it 100 times on the chalkboard…then go to my room.


    • k8edid Says:

      Oh, you meant a road trip with YOUR hub….take mine, please.


    • The Byronic Man Says:

      Thanks, the questions are always a work in progress. I love the tv detective one, but I’m starting to think maaaaybe, just maybe, it’s not as great as I think it is.



  9. pegoleg Says:

    Great answers and great photos. That song “Getting to know you” is running through my brain right now. Now I’m seeing Deborah Kerr and Yul Brynner dancing and she had that huge, hooped skirt. I always loved that movie.


    • k8edid Says:

      He really outdid himself with the photos and captions. There is so much to know about a person – 20 questions is just the beginning. You all will know more than you ever wanted.


  10. Kathryn McCullough Says:

    Okay, got the link to work, Katy. Great interview.

    I can relate to having wished for different parents. It may sound crazy but if I had to choose, I’d pick my mafia father over my religiouf freak mother a million times over! Sorry to hear your childhood was rough, too.



    • k8edid Says:

      Thanks, Kathy…glad you could make it over here. Other than going to a different home, I couldn’t think of anything I would change. Where we’ve been and what we’ve done makes us what we are – and I’m okay with who I am.


    • The Byronic Man Says:

      I once played a game that involved answering questions about yourself. One question was “if you could choose anyone to be your parents, who would it be?” and my parents were in the group playing. I get along with my parents and it was STILL an odd situation to be in. “hmmm… ANYone?”


  11. judithhb Says:

    That’s what I love about the blogosphere – getting to know other people and of course, now I have Andy the Armadillo visiting that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.
    And that road trip sounds good – can anyone join?


  12. cassiebehle Says:

    Feet are such game changers in relationships. All winter long, they lie dormant and you think you’ve safely found a new friend or love. Then summer comes, the feet get whipped out, the pinky toe is longer than the middle toes and sorta curves oddly to the right and bam! You’ve got some tough relationship decisions to make.


  13. My Inner Chick Says:

    you are brilliant & hilareous.

    You. Kick. Ass.

    I loved this. Xxx


  14. Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson Says:

    Awesome post! And I, too, love love loved To Kill a Mockingbird. Do you realize that I think I refer to it every single day? And look how loved you are? Comments and comments and comments…all so beautifully nested.


    • k8edid Says:

      Yes, I do love the neatly nested comments of B-Man’s loyal readers – makes keeping up with the conversation(s) so much easier. And I do feel loved and appreciated every day, when when I have put up a post that is pure drivel, someone will like it, comment on it, and encourage me.

      To Kill a Mockingbird – my very favorite. I think I’ll read the book again. I do wish Harper Lee had written more. And the movie…even though I know every line, every scene, each time is like the first when I watch it – pure enjoyment. Gregory Peck and Robert Duvall. I rest my case.


  15. Fraha Says:

    Katy.. #4 outlaw Capri pants! But I love them.. They are most helpful when you have to wade through all the crap, not in saddles though! Lol great 20 questions Byronic, and great answers Katy.


    • k8edid Says:

      Well, I’m the ruler and I say they go…I think they are really cute on little girls and petite little women. But that would be discrimination to only allow those – so they must be banned. Sorry.


  16. Angie Z. Says:

    Great answers! 19. Phew! At first I thought you were going to say American Pie – the movie and then I’d have to beat my head into a wall.


  17. Lenore Diane Says:

    Great job, K8. I kind of light the idea of Florence NIghtingale and George Carlin eating lunch together. Oh the dialogue the two would share … love it.
    You know, I have these questions – every time I sit down to answer them I become overly intimidated. Silly, eh?
    You done did good.


    • k8edid Says:

      Oh, Lenore, answer those questions, it really is fun.

      I often think of the people I’d like to have lunch with…Jesus, my mother, George Carlin, Mark Twain, Mae West, Socrates…well, I could go on and on. Maybe that should be a Question of the Week?


  18. Elyse Says:

    Katy, this was great fun. And perhaps you can be the very first nurse/detective with your own flying contraption not to be mistaken for an airplane.



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