If You Wish To Submit Your Vote Via Large, Mythical, Egg-Bearing Rabbit – That Is Allowable.

March 31, 2013


Hey, Happy Easter everyone!  Unless that’s not your thing, and then, I don’t know – happy end of Passover, perhaps, or happy beginning of Baseball season.  Happy… day.

I got a head start on Easter this week – I had an easter egg hunt in the back yard!  It was just wonderful, good, old-fashioned fun.  Well, it was sort of an easter egg hunt.  I was doing the big cleaning of dog poop in the yard after winter. So it wasn’t so much a “hunt” as a “minefield.”  And they weren’t so much “colorful eggs” as “putrefying heaps of hell’s meatloaf.”  And, since I’m nit-picking, no so much “good, old-fashioned fun” as “awful.”

Anyway, it’s Easter Sunday, and you know what that means:  yes, it means it’s time to vote for finalists from last week’s caption contest! What?  That’s not a tradition in your house?  Hide some eggs, vote on funny photo captions, have a big meal…  It’s fun! So, last week you looked at the photo of what the world might look like if gigantic aliens came to take all the straw hats of Earth and left your brilliant captions.  This week, it’s time to vote on the finalists!  Yay!  Vote up to once per day.


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11 Comments on “If You Wish To Submit Your Vote Via Large, Mythical, Egg-Bearing Rabbit – That Is Allowable.”

  1. Life With The Top Down Says:

    Next year your wee one will be able to partake in all the festivities…like assisting you with petrified meatloaf removal. (One of the perks of having kids around…they’re closer to the ground…you won’t have to bend)
    Have a lovely holiday…I’m sure the Bunny was extra good to the little one.


  2. Go Jules Go Says:

    “Putrefying heaps of hell’s meatloaf” might be the most disturbingly descriptive phrase, ever.

    Side note: Yesterday, I was asked to incorporate caramel into Easter cupcakes. I refused.

    EVERYONE VOTE FOR *ME*!!! Happy Easter to the B Man clan!


  3. She's a Maineiac Says:

    This was a tough crowd to choose from, they’re all hilarious.

    Dear Byromaniacs, please stop being so damned clever all the time.


  4. Elyse Says:

    Great pic and I am honored to be a finalist. Happy Easter to you and your family.


  5. Lorna's Voice Says:

    I voted as often as I could…


  6. Laura Says:

    If I had a dog, I’d probably just move to a new house every year. Happy Easter!


  7. EagleAye Says:

    I suppose if there were any “bad kids” in your neighborhood, you could just color the “meatloaf” and give it to them for Easter. Could be fun.


  8. donofalltrades Says:

    I had that post snow pickup recently as well. Utterly disgusting what an 85 pound lab can do to a backyard! Great blog, I’m glad that She’s a Mainieac woman introduced me to it. She ain’t so bad neither.


  9. pegoleg Says:

    Adding caption contest voting to my Easter traditions gives me a whole new reason to shout “hallelujah!”


  10. List of X Says:

    Oh no, a caption contest on one of my favorite topics – men with guns – and I somehow missed that! Still, the contenders are excellent, and it will be hard to pick a favorite.



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