The Impersistence Of Memory

April 1, 2013


You know what’s tough about being asked questions about your life?  If you can’t think of the answer, you feel old, true, and that’s no good.  But more than that, it’s that if you then think of another answer, it can’t make your life sound ridiculous.

Case in point: Darla, the always charming and wryly self-deprecating author of She’s A Maineiac gave me an interview to fill out. It asks things like “What’s the first scary thing your ever did?”  Easy, right?  Only I couldn’t think of it, so then I’m thinking of something scary I did when I was, like, 19, thus suggesting that either I’m insane and feel no fear, or I’m insane, and never did anything that might be scary until I was an adult.

And wouldn’t you like to visit She’s A Maineiac to learn more about me – even if, especially if, my flawed memory makes me sound crazy?  Well, you should.  Because even if – somehow – you don’t find my answers utterly fascinating, you can still learn about her awesome, smack-talkin’ daughter or her nerves-of-steel earthquake response skills.

See you over there.

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