A Q&A regarding The Byronic Man Twitterfeed

January 17, 2013


A Q&A regarding The Byronic Man, now on Twitter

Q: Well, The Byronic Man on Twitter!  Are you excited?

A: Oh, definitely!  The same way blogging is such a great way to force yourself to write and publish without over-thinking, and to build community, I think this could be a great new venue.

Q: Why did it take so long?

A: Simply because it’s loomed ever larger in my mind that joining Twitter requires at least 12 updates a day and you have to follow everyone on earth or no one will like you and you have to put hashtags on everything – not just tweets but actual day-to-day conversation – and… well, you can see why it started seeming like a big deal.  Plus, I need something new to do like I need a hole in the head.

Q: And it’s “@ByronicMan”?

A: NO!!! Somebody already took that, because WHAT??  It’s “@ByronicManBlog.”

Artist's Rendering: The Byronic Man tries to figure out Twitter.

Artistic Rendering: The Byronic Man tries to figure out Twitter.

Q: So you read up and learned how it works?

A: Ah… no.  That’s one approach, sure, but I decided to just have at it and fumble around.  I apparently have time to add Twitter, but not learn it.

Q: Speaking of which – boy, there’ve been a lot of changes on your site lately!

A: That’s not a question.

Q: Boy, there’ve been a lot of changes on your site lately, haven’t there?  Jerk-ass.

A: There sure have!  From little things that probably no one notices to big things that probably no one notices!  I just decided it was time to give the site a make-over for 2013.  I’d been putting it off, figuring what’s the point what with the Mayan apocalypse.  And there are more big changes coming, so get excited for that!  At least until next Fall when there’s that big asteroid that might hit us.

They say that after society crumbles, copies of Byronic Man posts will be like currency.

They say that after society crumbles, copies of Byronic Man posts will be like currency.

Q: I already read The Byronic Man fanatically – I “Like” you on Facebook, I forward your posts, and I also print off copies of your posts, just in case the electrical grid collapses.  Is there any reason for me to also follow you on Twitter?

A: Chyeah!  For starters, lots of succinct hilarity that you won’t find here.  Plus, more day-to-day/observational stuff.  Also, uh, the fun.  You know… the fun.

Q: If I follow you on Twitter, will you follow me?

A: Damn right I will.  I will follow the hell out of you.  I will follow you like a bad nickname.  I will follow you like a prejudiced cop following a nice car driven by an African-American male.  I will follow you like a yellow brick road.  I will… well, my point is, yes.  I would be happy to follow you.

Q: Can you think of a way to make that kind of a social event?

A: Hm.  A tough question, but I think I can.  Anyone who tweets, just leave your info in the comments section below.  Maybe a short description, or a sample tweet for people who don’t know you.  Then, pick a couple to follow!  Everyone wins!  Oh, and follow me.  Did I mention that?  That’s important.


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77 Comments on “A Q&A regarding The Byronic Man Twitterfeed”

  1. Karen Says:

    There. I gave you a pity follow, just ’cause you sound so desperate 😉


  2. Go Jules Go Says:

    First of all, your answer(s) to “…will you follow me?” – hysterical. Second of all, if there are changes coming bigger than you signing up for Twitter (and apparently taking to it like a bear to a pic-a-nic basket), I’m going to need to sit down. Or sit…harder.

    Sample Tweet from @JulieDavidoski: “Nice Tweeter feed, jerk-ass!”

    …Nobody wants to follow me? No one? Well, shoot.


    • The Byronic Man Says:

      Well, as for my Yogi Bear-like dedication, I thought I should stock the pond a little. And, of course, the funny thing is I’m already doing it wrong – those tweets are only funny if you read them sequentially. And chronologically. Look out Steve Martin!


      • Go Jules Go Says:

        Conversation that just happened:

        Peppermeister: Why are you on Twitter now?
        Me: Because my buddy’s on it now. Now it’s fun.

        …Will you come work at my company? Then I might actually like going there, too.


  3. Hippie Cahier Says:

    I recently revived my Twitter account.It occurs to me there’s a story there, perhaps blogworthy, but not nearly as entertaining as this Q&A. I rarely say anything interesting, but it’s nice to be followed, especially by you and your fans, the funniest people on the Internet ™.


    • The Byronic Man Says:

      I intend to lie, lie, lie about what’s happening in my life. Then, after I die, maybe people will look to my Twitterfeed for my biography. (I’m being optimistic that there will be a biography)


  4. Just Another Canadian Gurl Says:

    FIRST,,,you need to totally TM that “Chyeah” statement!
    SECOND,,,,your just so damn sexy and cute!
    THIRD,,,,,Sample Tweet from @justanothercanuck: @JulieDavidoski: OMG,,,I swear I just saw a #chimpunk wearing a parka it’s so f*in cold here today!


    • Go Jules Go Says:

      I’m so bad with Twitter that I’m replying to your Tweet here: Please keep me informed of this particular chipmunk’s whereabouts. I have it on good bad authority that he stole that parka from one of my life coaches.

      Side note: Does HTML work on Twitter? (Like to strike-out?) Okay. I’m going to test it now. This is exciting.


    • Go Jules Go Says:

      P.S. – re: your other Tweet: This Byronic Man -the only one of consequence- is actually a different Twitter account: @ByronicManBlog. I say we take down @byronicman. Who does he think he is?


    • The Byronic Man Says:

      First: Way ahead of you. You owe me 13 cents for using “chyeah” in that comment.
      Second: Thanks. It’s all done with photoshop and cgi.
      Third: Off to follow!


      • Just Another Canadian Gurl Says:

        I’m gonna have to round that 13 cents to 15 because as of the first of Feb we won’t be using penny’s here anymore,,Canadian fundage is ok right?

        Thanks for the follow,,,and I know cause your so super cool you will have more followers from moi,,,so spread the word k?


  5. mistyslaws Says:

    Yeah, I have yet to jump on that tweeting/twittering/twatting bandwagon. I, like you, just figured it was just something else to have to DO, and didn’t really think I had that many interesting thoughts to share with the world in general that would warrant me being on there.


    I mean, seriously? My life is not that exciting.

    But the life of Byronic Man? Ahhh, tres fascinating! I predict a million followers by the end of the day. Look out Justin Timberlake. B-man is coming for you!!


    • The Byronic Man Says:

      Ohhhh yes… my life is… whoo… just the… the coolest… It’s like being on an airplane with Hunter S. Thompson, David Bowie and Chrissie Hynde… Yep.

      That’s something I’ve worried about to: My life just being too dull to tweet. “Mixed some whites in with the colored laundry! Didn’t even care! Put it on cold and let the dice roll, baby!”


  6. mairedubhtx Says:

    Why, oh why, do you have a photo of a monkey?! I despise monkeys. But I’m following you on Twitter anyway.


  7. spilledinkguy Says:

    Off to click you the bird…er… wait… what?!


  8. Lori Lipsky Says:

    Very smart way to start out at Twitter. Congrats and best wishes. I just gave you your first retweet, so be sure to remember me at the awards ceremony.

    Because you offered, here’s my most recent tweet: @LoriSLipsky
    Does your family forget your birthday? Write them a poem months in advance like I did. http://poetrypatio.com


  9. Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom) Says:

    I can’t follow you.

    Well, not right now. Twitter is blocked at my current location.

    But here I am: https://www.twitter.com/LShirtliffe

    If I remember this moment eight hours from now, I’ll follow you.

    (Are we still in Junior High?)


  10. renée a. schuls-jacobson Says:


    It’s about damn time. Jerk-face. 😉

    Off to tweet you.

    Don’t forget, you are supposed to thank me for that. For the best tips on learning how to do Twitter, follow @ninabadzin and read all 5 of her posts. You’ll have it. I swear, she taught me everything I needed to know in 5 easy posts.

    Welcome to the Twitterverse. I think you’re gonna like it there.



    • The Byronic Man Says:

      Oh God, Oh God, Oh God I hope I like it there… The options for me tend to be:
      A) Love it. Get addicted.
      B) Love it at first, overdo it, then get tired of it.
      C) Immediately fail.


  11. thesinglecell Says:

    Maybe your Twitter presence will encourage me to be more present on my Twitter presence. I joined for the blogging but I haven’t quite become addicted. Which is to say I haven’t logged on in probably a month. But here goes… Hey! Byronic Man! Follow me on Twitter! @wpthesinglecell


  12. Audrey Says:

    Wait… so we’re supposed to follow you on Twitter?
    You’re a brave man, Twitter still seems out of reach to me. I mean, what do you say in 140 characters? What profound and brilliant things do you put out to the world in just a few words? It’s too much pressure!!
    But I’ll follow you.


  13. Gail Says:

    I’ve tested the water in twitterland and it’s not sucking me down, yet. @gailytweet
    Thanks for putting it out there for all of us to support each other.


  14. susielindau Says:

    I did a B-Man Blast into the Twitterverse for you. The best way to get followers is to follow a bunch and see who follows back. Not everyone does. Good luck with all your new Tweeps!


  15. stephrogers Says:

    I am also new to Twitter. I also did not read the instructions. I much prefer to muddle through and take my frustrations out on the unsuspecting. I’m @skweego. I think my latest tweet pertains to my husband trying to build flat pack furniture.


    • The Byronic Man Says:

      I followed a few well-known people, and wow – some of them Tweet every half hour. I know a lot of celebrities have a team to tweet for them, but is that even desirable?


      • stephrogers Says:

        I know. I too have fallen in to that particular trap. I followed Huffington Post because I like their funny news stories. Those people post every 10 minutes, I swear my whole feed is just Huff Post! But I don’t unfollow (don’t you love how that’s a word now?) because every now and then they have a great story. To sacrifice the few for the many? That is the question.


  16. Mama Bread Baker Says:

    @MamaBreadBaker is happy to follow @ByronicManBlog. #jokes #funny #IHatePeopleWhoIncorrectlyUseHashTagsSoDon’tDoIt


  17. musingsoftheamusingmuse Says:

    Oh I’m totally leaving this here for you to read since I left my menacingly-toned tweet already… @The_AmusingMuse


  18. pegoleg Says:

    Did you know that in 2014 Obamacare mandates the establishment of state insurance exchanges in a transparent attempt to drive us toward a single-payor system? robably.

    But what you probably DON’T know is that also in 2014 (page 10,437 of the Obamacare bill) we will each have the i-phone version 9+ surgically installed in our brains so even when we’re sleeping we can blog and tweet and pinterest and facebook and email and text and send LOL cats and memes and…and…and…and.

    Anyhoo, good luck with the tweets! I know yours will be fab! And if I ever have a young person explain that newfangled stuff to me and I get signed up for it, yours would be the first I watched. Or followed. Or stalked. What’s the proper term?


  19. k8edid Says:

    I have had a twitter account for a while, but don’t know how to do it…I followed you, I think.



  20. angeliquejamail Says:

    I have a Twitter situation: @AngeliqueJamail
    (Real original, I know. But easy to find. Damn, building a platform is slow.)

    I find I hibernate away from Twitter periodically when certain trends become overpowering and silly, like the zombie apocalypse nonsense back when people in Florida were going crazy on bath salts last summer. And since I get an email when someone mentions me, RTs for me, or sends me a message, and since my Facebook author page tweets for me automatically, there’s less pressure. (Oh, the joys of learning a new avenue. I hope you like it!) But anyway, you know, if you’re there, I might open that tab on my desktop again.

    B-Man, I will follow you on Twitter, even though I don’t follow all that many people, because I think your tweets would actually be really interesting. Mat Johnson (@mat_johnson) is also hilarious, and should be followed by all.


    • The Byronic Man Says:

      I’ve always had a fascination with zombies; I even have recurring bad dreams about zombies (they’re, archetypally, a manifestation of the fear of death itself and I have a thing about death itself… I’m against it). I mention this because, seriously, it’s time to be done with the zombie thing for a while, everyone.


  21. Maria Says:

    I’m officially your 43rd follower and sent the 7th Tweet from here. I can’t help it! I’m so excited for you. Welcome to more time online 😀 Enjoy!


  22. List of X Says:

    I’ve followed you, Mr. Byronic, and will follow you to the limit (the 140 character limit) I would love if you follow me back @listofx. But I really recommend following @TheTweetOfGod. This is the funniest thing I’ve found on Twitter so far, and you get to call yourself a follower of God.


  23. Kate Says:

    Hey Byronic Man, when you work out what the point of twitter is, can you let me know? Given I haven’t blogged in a few months I don’t want to spread myself too thin…


  24. auntyamo Says:

    I’m overjoyed to find you on Twitter!
    Lots of folk join Twitter to help build their following but you’re ALREADY popular! And yet you deign to join the Twitterverse and follow us all back! You’re an inspiration…!
    Oh I’m @auntyamo btw… (Not quite so humble or popular obvs :D)


  25. Sandy Sue Says:

    Good luck. Alas, I shall not be joining you as I have a moratorium on any more virtual socializing. Blogging and Pinterest are all my frothy brain can manage.


  26. She's a Maineiac Says:

    I’d leave you my twitter handle if I knew what the hell it was.
    (is that what they call it? handle? sounds like I’m calling you up on my CB radio…breaker one, nine, breaker one, nine, do ya copy?)
    I may or may not be under OldDroopyAssMama.


  27. Archon's Den Says:

    I shall have to go to my set of encyclopedias, again, take out volume Seth to Umbo, and discover what this *Twitter* thing is.


  28. sj Says:

    So, I was moving and I’m just finally catching up on blogs and I see this. I SEE THAT YOU ARE ON TWITTER AND NOT FOLLOWING ME?

    I see how you are. It’s not like I’ve been pressuring you to join for months so that you could watch movies with us or anything.

    I might not invite you to watch Weird Science with us. Hmph.

    (I totally made that up, I don’t think we’re watching Weird Science)


    • The Byronic Man Says:

      Honky please. I’m still trying to figure out what hashtags are, and how to say anything in 140 characters – FINDING people? But now that you’ve entered my visual field, I will act.

      And Weird Science – good choice. Funny thing about that movie: If you remember it as being bad and watch it, it’s quite good. If you then remember it as good and watch it again, it’s quite bad. And so on.


      • sj Says:

        I know, now that I said it, I kind of want to watch it with everyone.

        Husband and I quote bits of it to each other all the time, it was one of our things we both owned (along with copies of the Judgement Night soundtrack) when we got married.


      • sj Says:

        Also, you’re my 300th follower…until I’m unfollowed later today by five authors that only followed me to get me to follow them back.


  29. Renee Says:

    Sample tweet from @MyDatingRx:

    Online dating, a high speed chase, and a tiny bit of ranting… http://ow.ly/hNnQ9 #MondayBlog


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