A Sneak Preview And A Sneak, uh, Re… View…

December 10, 2012


So I was planning to publish a post today that I’ve wound up working on for a week, and it’s still not quite done. Between it and last week’s video, I’ve apparently decided to start focusing on posts that require more time to put together than my entire readership will collectively spend looking at them.  I think it’s an ingenious plan.

It’s going to be an epic post, though, I hope.  Not in length, don’t worry.

So until tomorrow, a reminder about the jaw-droppingly amazing contest that Jules over at Go Jules Go and I are hosting!  There’s still a week to enter.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Then watch my video and/or her video to get the details!

Do know what I’m talking about?  Please watch them again, anyway.  Please?  We, seriously, spent an ungodly amount of time on them.

Anyway, tomorrow’s post features stick-figure drawings!  I know, right?  You can read the “prequel” here.  And here’s a sneak preview for tomorrow:


See you tomorrow!  I hope!

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39 Comments on “A Sneak Preview And A Sneak, uh, Re… View…”

  1. Go Jules Go Says:

    Okay. You can wait one more day, Jules. You can do this.

    P.S. – I don’t know what you’re talking about. My vlog only took 15 minutes. Times 15. Times another 500. Hours. I like to keep things simple, too.


    • The Byronic Man Says:

      I’ve built it up too much in my mind, after working on it this much. I love it. I fully expect Word Press to just crash. Then they’ll get it running again and shut it down, because what’s the point? It’ll be the Cit-K of blog posts.


  2. speaker7 Says:

    I promise I will spend more than 13 minutes looking at this.


  3. Life With The Top Down Says:

    I must say, I am very impressed at the stick figure boobs.


  4. Tori Nelson Says:

    Hooker with a heart of gold? I can’t wait.


  5. k8edid Says:

    I think you underestimated how long it takes me to read your brilliance Each line must be read – then re-read (without moving lips). Savoring every word…


    • The Byronic Man Says:

      I like to imagine everyone out there savoring each post. Clapping there hands with glee as they go in to their reader or email in-box. “Squeee! The new Byronic Man is here! The new Byronic Man is here!”

      I accept that this may be optimistic, though.


  6. Dyanne@TravelnLass Says:

    “…posts that require more time to put together than my entire readership will collectively spend looking at them.”

    Welcome to my world. 😉


  7. mistyslaws Says:

    Contest? There’s a contest? Hasn’t Renee already won that thing already, whatever it may be? Nah, doesn’t ring a bell.

    Stick figure boobs seem to be somewhat incongruent. But I’ll allow it.


  8. Blogdramedy Says:

    So you’re either getting too much sleep or not enough. Let me guess. 😉


  9. Lori Lipsky Says:

    “posts that require more time to put together than my entire readership will collectively spend looking at them.”

    That’s every post I’ve ever written. Without a doubt.

    I look forward to your whopper tomorrow.


  10. thesinglecell Says:

    Primo stick figures, Byronic. Really super. And what’s the problem with epic-long posts? I write them all the time and clearly it works because I have 163 (precious and prized) followers after 21 months of blogging.


  11. susielindau Says:

    Does is it start out with, “A prostitute walks into a bar…” 🙂

    Hey I am not sure if you saw my comment, but I will be entering in your contest. Today I will embark on the cutting and pasting marathon after drawing and printing all weekend… I think I am out of my mind hand making all of them, but it is what I do…. every…. year.


    • The Byronic Man Says:

      I just saw that! That’s excellent news. You won’t be sorry. Well, maybe you will, I don’t actually know that.

      And typing that has made me realize that we have to pick winners. I hate that part. I failed to think that far ahead.


  12. becomingcliche Says:

    You had me at “prostitute.” I’ll be here tomorrow.


  13. Don't Quote Lily Says:

    Stick figure boobs. That’ll get anyone’s attention. 🙂


  14. Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom) Says:

    I was just thinking this morning (and I’m serious!) that I could do a series of hooker posts. I have three hooker stories to tell, one happened Friday, and it involved eighth graders and hobbits. That’s all.

    Can’t wait for more pervy art.


    • The Byronic Man Says:

      Fair warning: very little of it is pervy. I just thought that image made for a great “What the hell?” teaser.

      And I can only imagine that a post involving hookers and hobbits would lead to a large number of search engine hits – some of them disturbingly specific.


  15. renée a. schuls-jacobson Says:

    First of all, I did not give you permission to use my likeness in your stick figure drawing. I assume there will be a royalty check coming. I mean, those are clearly my boobs. Sheesh.


  16. therealkenjones Says:

    An epic post about your most successful pick-up lines? Neat!


  17. rachelocal Says:

    I feel like you based your prostitute on the stick figure version of myself I drew for my mug giveaway. I’m flattered.


  18. Rumpleteazer Says:

    I would enter your contest, but having a pillowcase with one’s high school speech teacher’s face on would be /way/ too weird.

    That said, I am one of the people who squees with glee when a Byronic Man post shows up in my email.


  19. UndercoverL Says:

    Your stick figure is sexier than mine. (I am pouting.)


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