Putting YOU (you! you!) In The Action! (action! action!)

July 22, 2012


Today, something a little different.  In the midst of this summer slump, as our site stats plummet (it’s not just me, right?  Ha ha!  Right?), I thought it might be nice to open things up.  Move on to Phase 3 of the Weekly Question of the Week – which may include running a question only every other week, I’m not sure. Yeah, I know.  The name would be a little problematic…

A-ha! Your featured-blogger-crane-kick is no match for my freshly-pressed-dragonfly-punches! A-ha!

But for this week, instead of a question followed by your hilarious responses, which becomes a ferocious competition for being a finalist, a weekly champ, and ultimately – at the end of the year – a 3-day battle royale to the death for total Internet dominance (you guys knew about that part, right?), let’s open things up!  Let’s put you in the action!  Let’s zig when the world says zag!  Let’s postpone the server crash of my brain from trying to come up with questions each week!

For this week’s Weekly Question of the Week, I’d like to know: What ideas do you have for a Weekly Question of the Week?

Just think, it’d be kind of like a guest post, only you don’t have to do all the writing (unless you want to)!

I’m sure it’s fairly obvious but, you’re looking for something that’s…

  • Fun, and at least mostly accessible to people from all walks of life.
  • Thought-provoking, but something you can respond to with a few minutes thought (something tells me responses will go down if the question requires intensive research).
  • Something that, ideally, inspires conversation among respondents.
  • Funny’s never bad.

If nothing pops to mind, that’s cool.  Maybe use the opportunity to complain about numbers this summer.  Try to put the blame somewhere.  Maybe it’s Mitt Romney’s fault? WordPress?  Something that could involve a class- action lawsuit?

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88 Comments on “Putting YOU (you! you!) In The Action! (action! action!)”

  1. shermangerherd Says:

    BTW—Dubya’s fault.


  2. Edward Hotspur Says:

    Here’s my entry: “Think of the strangest place you had sex, and the most depraved and disgusting or unusual thing you’ve ever done sexually anywhere with anyone. Now, what did you have for breakfast that day?”


  3. lucysfootball Says:

    Not just you. Stats are for crap over the past couple months. Which either means everyone HATES me (I’m much too arrogant to think that) or they’re all on fancy vacations with no internet and umbrella-drinks (that’s what I’m going with.)


    • The Byronic Man Says:

      I was actually really relieved when other people started talking about plummeting stats. I was getting worried that everyone was over me.


      • Paul G. Eberlein Says:

        It’s not just Blogs–it’s Facebook, Twitter, Webpages, the whole magilla–stats always tank when the sun comes out. I guess people would rather have an off-line life than an on-line lifestyle. Go figure!


  4. 1pointperspective Says:

    If Mitt Romney gets elected, he’ll have to appoint a cabinet, but more importantly, he’ll likely get a Presidential dog. What breed, what name, and what type of training will best suit the Romney pooch?


  5. Carrie Rubin Says:

    My question plays into those falling summer stats: “What creative or unique ‘twist’ might a blogger employ to improve the dwindling summer stats? Assume anything is fair game…”


  6. speaker7 Says:

    This is more of a social etiquette question: Do I need to buy Christmas presents for friends and family members in light of the fact the world will end before then? If I don’t, will I be judged as a cheap bastard? I’m not sure who does the judging in the afterlife, but I really hope it’s not that mean guy from Dancing with the American Idol X Factor Talent.


  7. artzent Says:

    This is my first summer so I don’t know about that but Saturday and Sunday when you would think people would have more time is very slow. Maybe they blog on their computers at work?


  8. Go Jules Go Says:

    Okay, I’m commenting in two parts. This is to remind you that you already have a slew of awesome questions in your queue from when you asked questions of me for the first ‘stache glasses giveaway:
    1. You sell the movie rights to your blog. Who plays you and your recurrent cast of characters? ([Jules] This could be narrowed down to just ‘who plays you’ or we could all cast YOU. Could also be ‘who would play you in a music video. For some reason that idea is making me laugh.)
    2. You buy a weed-eater that turns out to be a piece of junk, but you didn’t keep the receipt or warranty. You go back to the big store and buy a new one, along with a bunch of other stuff. While checking out, they forget to charge you for the new weed-eater, which is the same brand as the previous weed-eater. Do you ‘fess up? THIS QUESTION IS PURELY HYPOTHETICAL.
    3. What would your Ben & Jerry’s flavor be?
    4. If you could choose how the world ends, what manner would you choose?


  9. Go Jules Go Says:

    All right, now, here’s what I’VE got so far, in order of least to most funny (to me):

    1. Best prank – that people have played or would like to play.
    2. You have an awesome new pet monkey. What is the first (or best) trick you teach it?
    3. You’ve won the lottery. What is the funniest, most creative way you can think of to quit your job?


  10. susielindau Says:

    One thing that has depleted numbers other than many spending time on the beach instead of in front of their computers where they should be, is WP corrected a ping ponging view within the blog- I am pretty sure anyway. I used to get more home page views than post views and now they are about 10%.

    Chiseled on a tombstone in Key West Fla.are the words, “I told you I was sick.” What do you like engraved on your tombstone?

    If you could be on any sit-com from your childhood, which one would you choose, why would you choose it, and who would your character be?


  11. k8edid Says:

    How about some re-make questions?

    What would you do for a Klondike bar?

    What would you do if I sang out of tune?

    Where’s the beef?

    Where’s Waldo?

    Do you canoe?

    Who’ll Stop the Rain?

    and of course “Who Let the Dog’s Out?”


  12. jusmeh Says:

    What would you really like to say to those pesky scam emails asking for your name, number and bank account details, along with your date of birth and password?


  13. Elyse Says:

    Worst vacation destination.


  14. Life With The Top Down Says:

    As I was looking for a birthday card recently, I realized there are cards for just about anything and everything. First car, home, recently divorced, back on the market, moms with kids who need a laugh…it’s endless.
    So, my question is…Can you come up with a greeting card for an outrageous life experience, event or occasion?
    Sorry to hear about your constipation..open card….it’s a real pain in the ass.


  15. natasiarose Says:

    If you were a woodchuck, how much wood would you need to chuck to screw in a lightbulb?


  16. Angie Z. Says:

    This is going back to a conversation I had with the B-Man (I’m talking about you like you’re not going to read this comment, maybe you’re not) about what TV sitcom created the most spin-off and/or cross-over shows (not the same thing).

    So if you could create the ultimate cross-over show (meaning characters from two different sitcoms would hang out, fist-bump, facilitate a big misunderstanding, etc.) which TV sitcom characters do you think would be the best pairing in TV sitcom cross-over history?

    Okay, this isn’t really my entry. Because it’s a bit convoluted. But it could be my entry. But really I just want to know this….for research purposes….


  17. Ape No. 1 Says:

    What celebrity endorsed product line or business can you think of that is obscure enough to avoid having to pay that celebrity any royalties. For example

    Ray’s Junior Parkas
    Ralph’s Macchiato Bar
    Ike – Fitter & Turner


  18. Ex-blogger Says:

    You wrote an article before on people who unfollow you. When a blogger joins up to start blogging and they follow you, my God, they’re in for a surprise. Feckin’ emails sent every bloody day on nothing. No wonder people unfollow that.

    I’ve quit blogging and I’m trying to get you out of my spam box. You’re in there every other day.


  19. pegoleg Says:

    How about a “come up with a clever advertising jingle for a mysterious product” competition? No, wait, I think I already read some OTHER awesome featured-blogger crane-kicker is trying that in an effort to bolster her sagging summer stats. If I could ONLY remember who it was…let me think…


  20. Howlin' Mad Heather Says:

    As one of my favorite bloggers, you are cordially invited to take part in my new contest: http://prawnandquartered.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/let-the-games-begin-our-best-contest-yet/
    May the odds be ever in your favor!


  21. musingsoftheamusingmuse Says:

    I think we’re all experiencing the summer slump (not to mention that I, personally, have been WAY busier than expected!). I’d offer you suggestions for a question of the week… but I do that myself and I don’t want you stealing my ideas 😛


  22. mj monaghan Says:

    How about:

    You can go back to any period of time in your life and tell yourself one thing. What age would you go back to, and what would you tell yourself?


  23. Richard Wiseman Says:

    I think your question of the week should be ‘What the fuck just happened?’ responses should be varied and interesting. Or if that doesn’t work a creepy stalker like question such as ‘What are you wearing?’


  24. KOKAY Says:

    Reblogged this on Manila Pop! and commented:
    Love your blog Sir! Can it be a rhetorical question, like, “Can I reblog this post?” (Oops, I already did).


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