The Temperature Isn’t The Only Cool Thing In Barnaul, Siberia…

January 27, 2012


A special note in my Cool Book today for the protesters in Barnaul, Russia.  People in the Siberian city are protesting corruption in politics, both in the region and at the national level (I know, you say Whaaaat? Government corruption?  In Russia??).   Specifically, they’re protesting the impending switch Vladimir Putin is making from the parliament back to the presidency (after having moved from the presidency to the parliament… and taking the presidential powers with him).

Only, the authorities aren’t allowing protests of any kind, so the citizens have resorted to alternatives.  Specifically:

Toys!  They’ve set out Legos, South Park figures, stuffed animals, et cetera, to do what they can’t.  In this one, it’s the moose and alligator on the left who just kill me.  The toys are armed with signs saying things like “A thief should sit in jail, not the Kremlin” and “I’m for clean elections.”

In addition to being just adorable, here’s what so great about it – besides the obvious…

Monkeys and pigs are a united front on the issue.

This is a no-win for the authorities.  The police are denouncing this as “an unsanctioned event” and trying to apprehend the protestors (well, not the dolls.  They were pretty easy to catch).  This, of course, makes them look just ridiculous.  So either they let it go, allow the people to set out the toys in protest, or they put out an APB on Wall-E.

You'll never take me alive, copper! Attica! Attica! Attica!

Initially I’d thought about the various jokes to be made, and the list of “Other Ways They Could Protest” – and oh, it’d be delightful, trust me there – but instead I’d rather just highlight how great I think this is.

Barnaul protesters?  You’re all in my Cool Book, and if we ever meet up I’d love to buy you a drink.

Vodka, I assume.

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27 Comments on “The Temperature Isn’t The Only Cool Thing In Barnaul, Siberia…”

  1. booksnob Says:

    I think this is fantastically brilliant. For some reason, the little Lego cop is cracking me up the most.


  2. PCC Advantage Says:

    This is about the best thing that I’ve read all day.

    Legos + Russians = one cool protest


  3. audreygjohnson Says:

    This is awesome! A creative work around in a politically oppressed nation – hells yes!


  4. mysending Says:

    This is the coolest thing EVER! Thanks for bringing it to my attention–I certainly hadn’t come across this before!


  5. secretlyhardcore Says:

    This is indeed cool. Here’s me thinking that those Pixar characters were all just money grabbers. Nice to know they have a social conscience too.


  6. Elyse Says:

    Great story! But one question: Do the toys have access to twitter? 🙂


  7. thesinglecell Says:

    Brilliant! Occupy LegoLand! I hope the Lego paddywagon (which is apparently a culturally insensitive word since it’s named after all the Irish that got picked up back in the day, but I’m fine using it because that’s what my grandfather called it and he himself was an Irish cop) doesn’t come to take them away. Somebody’s head always winds up sticking out the door when that happens. It’s too cold for that there.


  8. BrainRants Says:

    Far better than our ‘Occupy’ stuff here.


  9. Rocket Says:

    Can you really say no to Wall-E? Just look at those puppy dog eyes! …er I mean uh lenses.


  10. She's a Maineiac Says:

    I love it. Brilliant idea.


    • The Byronic Man Says:

      Somebody on the Byronic Man Facebook page asked about it, and it turns out she’s actually from this Siberian town, and hadn’t really heard it referred to so far away, much less getting to hear about something that cool happening there.


  11. MJ, Nonstepmom Says:

    I’ve always said I thought legos were one of the top toys invented ever….what I really love is this will most likely get more attention than the usual protester with a sign.


  12. gojulesgo Says:

    I don’t know what’s better – this or your Lego post. I seriously think about those Legos all the time.


  13. benzeknees Says:

    It’s great to see people coming up with an inventive way to protest when protests are outlawed! Go for it!



  1. Update: Russian Legos Are Not People! | The Byronic Man - February 15, 2012

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