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The Long, Dark Tonight Show Of The Soul

February 11, 2014


During his time as host of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno made 4,607 jokes about Bill Clinton, 795 jokes about OJ Simpson, 505 jokes about Michael Jackson, and 454 jokes about Monica Lewinsky. – Finding by the Center for Media And Public Affairs Hour 1 – Alright!  Got a job!  Cataloging Leno’s jokes won’t change […]

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“You Say It’s Your Birthday!” (dun dun dun dun dun!) “It’s… WHOSE Birthday, Too??”

October 5, 2011


You know that conversation where you talk about famous people who share your birthday?  I do not enjoy that conversation.  I think of this not because it’s my birthday (It was in July.  You missed it.  Don’t you feel awful?), but because another sad chapter has been added.  I was talking with a couple friends […]

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