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Herman Cain in 2012: Because Life, Man, It’s Just Awful And Disturbing

October 25, 2011


Excerpts from the filming session for Herman Cain’s latest political advertisement, which many media outlets are calling “the worst campaign ad of all time.”   “Okay, now, lots of candidates, they get celebrity endorsements.  Or political endorsements.  Or endorsements of regular, photogenic Americans.  But I’m seeing you, Mark Block.  Because Americans want to know how […]

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Terrifying Reality TV Statistics: Free With Every Box of Thin Mints

October 14, 2011


A study conducted by the Girl Scout Research Institute (which is apparently a real place, where I doubt there are serious-looking women walking around with clipboards while wearing the little uniform) has concluded that girls who watch awful reality TV shows have worse images of themselves and beliefs about how to behave as women.  I […]

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Getting With The Times (Ha! It’s A Pun!)

August 6, 2011


I recently wrote a guest post over at the always compelling, entertaining and engaging Worst Professor Ever, and the post got tweeted by The Times (you see, in England, they still have a few remaining “news papers” – which are like news web sites that have been printed off for you; I know, clever, right?), […]

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Please Hire Me To Solve That Murder

July 8, 2011


Ah, yes, hello. Thank you for your inquiry.  I’m sure you’re wondering, with all the options available to you, why you should hire me as a private investigator on your case.  Yes, I realize you’re not sure there’s even a case to hire me for, but – trust me – there is. In a nutshell, […]

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Tonight At 11: Could Reading Blogs Give You Small Pox???

April 17, 2011


Some years ago when I was living in Portland, there was a series of storms that led to flooding and a lot of property damage.  In fact, the ceiling of my apartment collapsed. (conversation between my landlord and I at 2:30am – “There’s water coming through the ceiling!”  “Can’t you put a bucket under it […]

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