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Your Monster-Survival Essentials

October 31, 2012


Yesterday, you tested your Halloween readiness by trying to identify movie monsters. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, you may be dangerously unprepared for Halloween, so if you want to take a moment and do that, now would be a good time.  It’s okay, we’ll wait. Hm hm hm… I wonder if we’ll get very […]

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Know Your Monsters – For Safety’s Sake

October 30, 2012


Here at the Byronic Man, we’re all about safety.  So, just in time to be prepared for Halloween, see how many of the movie monsters below you can identify!  (We’re looking for characters, not actors or movie titles).  Good luck, and no cheating!  You know what they say about cheaters:  “Winners never cheat, and cheaters […]

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If Elected President, I Will Make Halloween Way Better. That’s My Promise.

October 18, 2012


Excerpt from a press conference when I am President… President Me: … and together, as Americans, we can make it work.  I’ll now take your questions.  Ummm, yes, Samantha. Samantha: Mr. President, my question is about last week’s Executive Order making Halloween a four-day weekend holiday. PM: We’ve been over this… S: Yes, but I’m […]

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