Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy

December 17, 2012


Well, last week, of course, was a terrible week.  We saw the very darkest of humanity – a horror that we can’t even quantify.  So, I thought, for my Sunday question I’d zero in on something positive.  Something that gets us thinking about who we admire so much we just hope they never fall from grace (and even if they did something horrible, we’d rather just not know).

This inspired 3 separate arguments in the comments section.


You know.

Good job, me.

I wasn’t planning on posting again today, but I thought I’d throw out a few just great things that human beings have made.  Because ‘tis the season, and all that.

And Patient Bear.  Of course.

And Patient Bear. Of course.

Bouncy CastlesThey’re kind of castles.  And they’re kind of trampolines.

Hot chocolate with the little marshmallows.

Eradicating Small Pox.  I know this is in a different league, but really – well done.

Gin & Tonic.

4-Way-Stop Intersections.  No reason they should work.  None.  And occasionally  some jerkbags blows through, knowing it’s not his turn.  But the overwhelming majority of the time?  Like some massive collective agreement, we all just participate and wait our turn.

The Muppets.

Sledding.  “Hm, the world is cold and barren and lifeless.”  “True.  But I bet we could climb up there and sit on a board and just fly down that hill!”  “Let’s do it.”

The Godfather.  Any species that can make a movie that good can’t be all bad.



Winter Holidays.  Almost every culture and religion has created a holiday around the winter solstice.  The darkest day of the year and people throughout the globe said, “Hey, we should light some lights and have a really good meal and give gifts to each other.”

Back-Scratchers.  Just a rock-solid good little invention.

Please add your own thoughts on great things humans have thought of below!

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100 Comments on “Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy”

  1. Lorna's Voice Says:

    Your dog greeting you at the door like you’re the best person on earth–and to her/him, you are.


  2. becomingcliche Says:

    Junior mints, Tolkien, kisses from little children, really good coffee, great blogs like yours.


  3. skippingstones Says:

    Ink pens. Zippers. Indoor plumbing!


  4. therealkenjones Says:

    You’ve gotta stop with the cryptic titles, man. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be taking away from this post.

    Actually, it’s pretty effective. So easy to get really bummed out and down on people after a tragedy like this. It is paramount to stop and remember all the good stuff, too. Nice post.

    And I would add those old school cheap ice cream sandwiches we used to eat as kids. Smiles times.


  5. Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom) Says:

    Walking barefoot in dew-covered grass. Except not in winter.
    (I’m not very good at this, am I…)


  6. susielindau Says:

    Running water, peanut butter balls, skiing and snowboarding.


  7. Pleun Says:

    The world really is an awesome place with tons of cool inventions, but my favorites are: crock-pot, internet and photographs.


  8. renée a. schuls-jacobson Says:

    SURVIVOR! And please tweet @survivorcasting to let the folks know I’m serious about wanting to be on the show. I’m trying for the 5th time!


  9. the usual bliss Says:

    This miracle:
    Thanks for helping us thing of HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY things. 🙂


  10. JackieP Says:

    music, music, music


  11. mistyslaws Says:

    Chocolate. Liquor. Cookies.

    Those are all the things I used this weekend to try to bring back my happy. It failed miserably, but it’s at least a bit comforting to know that mankind created those things. And that they are there when we need them.


  12. Go Jules Go Says:

    Aw. Okay. What’s the character limit? I’ll try not to name anything you’ve ever heard me talk about before. This is going to be hard.

    Wow. This is hard. Apparently I talk about things I like on my blog a LOT.

    Bubble wrap (just for popping), bendy straws, snow globes, origami, sloppy joe sandwiches, sushi, Jell-O shots, karaoke machines, soda cans (I love the sound they make when you open them), staplers, Legos, mayonnaise…

    Sigh. I’ve actually mentioned half those things on my blog. Mayo seems like a good place to stop.


  13. Hippie Cahier Says:

    That funnel-Christmas-tree-watering thingy. (I’m not sure that’s the actual name.)

    Never have I been more pleased with an impulse buy. Now if they would only come up with a dipstick so I would know when the tree stand is full without any human effort.


  14. twindaddy Says:

    You forgot bacon and Star Wars.


  15. virtualblancmange Says:

    family, no matter how far away.


  16. Lori Lipsky Says:

    Shampoo, pianos, letter openers and chairs.


  17. Nikitaland Says:

    Bright colored markers (with scents), sticky notes, coffee, a Law & Order marathon on TV, and the squeeky sound of tennis shoes on a basketball court.


  18. The Bumble Files Says:

    Thank you for this. Just seeing the “happy” over and over made me feel better. I’ll add kittens to the list. I just got one, and he’s adorable!


  19. Rocket Says:

    Making others smile, confetti, string lights, fresh linen, heaters.

    Great post Mr. B! 🙂


  20. Lily Says:

    Domestication of dogs. Unconditional love is hard to generate in humans (and sustain, the whole unconditional thing) but dogs? At least we brought them to us. http://tinyurl.com/buw6rvq


  21. spilledinkguy Says:

    Wait… I guess that’s not so much… a… ‘human’… thing.
    Or a ‘real’ one, either.
    So… you know… um… never mind.


  22. Jackie Cangro Says:

    I’ll never know how humans ever looked at those pods and thought, “I bet we can get something delicious out of this funny looking thing.”

    PS – Rock on, Gonzo. Rock on.


  23. Jackie Says:

    What, WordPress.com Happiness Engineers didn’t make your list? 🙂


  24. Michael Says:

    Slinkies. They walk down stairs, alone or in pairs, they make a slinkitty sound…


  25. blissflower1969 Says:

    Star Wars, anime, roller derby, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit, card games, UV Cake vodka, and DDR.


  26. Every Record Tells A Story Says:

    Moondrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens, brown paper packages tied up with string…
    Oh, and I’ll second whoever said chocolate. And ale. And vinyl records, y’know, the sound the needle makes when it drops on the record. Oh, and The Beatles.


  27. ghfool Says:

    Women. Caller ID. NFL Football. Bolt Locks. Restraining Orders.


  28. winopants Says:

    Never thought about it, but those four-way stops are quite the social experiment aren’t they? I almost admire those who just blow through: “how brazen of you, sir/lady. I hope you get a horrible rash today in your nether regions”


  29. dinkerson Says:

    Well… we like you, but nobody said we were supposed to like each other!

    Ah well. Shoes is my answer. And pie, and the Clean Remote.


  30. pegoleg Says:

    Laughter. I don’t think any other species does that. Nor does any other species need to, as much as we do.


  31. Blogdramedy Says:

    Sex. Babies. Karl Urban.


  32. 1pointperspective Says:

    umbrellas, wheelchairs, the thermos, India Pale Ale


  33. Life With The Top Down Says:

    Music, Clorox Wipes, Austin Powers, Washing machine …not necessarily in that order.


  34. Sandy Sue Says:

    So, B-man, are you a middle child?


  35. mona Says:

    Sleeping in, Dancing like a fool, toilet paper.


  36. She's a Maineiac Says:

    I can’t express to you enough how much I love the title of this post. Really brightened my day. You’ve done the impossible.

    My list: big fuzzy bathrobes, soft couches, laptops and cups of hot cocoa with little marshmallows.

    I actually said the hell with it and went sledding today (our first snowstorm!) I laid down on my back, crossed my arms, closed my eyes and my son pushed me down a mountain and it was GLORIOUS.


  37. artsifrtsy Says:

    The Jeep – it can go to lots of places you will never take it.


  38. stephrogers Says:

    Thanks for such a smiley post! I must add Harry Potter’s Lego castle – best gift I ever bought for my son (yes it was for my son…), those outdoor folding chairs that have a little drink holder for your beer (go on play spot the Aussie now!) and the best for last …tropical strength aeroguard (nuclear powered bug repellant, in case you can’t get that where you are). Have a happy day.


  39. thesinglecell Says:

    My additions:
    -The written word. And books. Oh, books.
    -“The Polar Express.” Robert Zemekis is totally my personal hero right now, because I needed some transporting magic and he gave it to me so good I watched it twice.
    -Wine. Amen, I say to you. WINE.
    -The internet. Cause it’s like sex. Even when it’s bad, it’s still good.
    -Pizza. See immediately previous reasons.
    -We figured out hugs. That was pretty brilliant on our part. Go humans.
    -High-definition television
    (I should stop now.)


  40. Elyse Says:

    I’m thinking that poster is up there. I will go to bed with a smile on my face thinking of a patient bear just waiting for his pic-i-nic basket.


  41. benzeknees Says:

    Bacon, pie, cookies, puppies, chocolate of any kind, PVR


  42. Eagle-Eyed Editor Says:

    Zydeco and salsa music (automatic party mood!), the sound of a toddler busting into laughter, lakes, travel and good books.


  43. Tori Nelson Says:

    Milk Duds & treadmills. My sweat always smells a little like chocolate-coated caramel, but I insist it’s a match made in heaven.


  44. jubilare Says:

    “Hm, the world is cold and barren and lifeless.” “True. But I bet we could climb up there and sit on a board and just fly down that hill!” “Let’s do it.” <- YES.

    Also, back-scratchers are brilliant.

    Icecream, and even better, coffee icecream.


  45. Soma Mukherjee Says:

    I love back scratcher, little wooden hand…oh bliss …fun blog posts like yours
    mayans and witches …vodoo


  46. pjsarecomfyn Says:

    Babies dancing. Inventing babies was a great idea. Then playing music for those babies and seeing them dance just takes it to a whole new level.


  47. rachelocal Says:

    Human inventions I enjoy: yoga pants, mad libs, wine, scotch tape, books, and I’m so with you on the bouncy castles. I rented one for a fall festival at my church. The festival ended an hour before pick-up time, so the hubs and I bounced around in there like fools for the entire hour. Every home needs a bouncy castle–jumping around is a work out (there’s no double meaning there).


  48. sj Says:

    Space travel/exploration, the printing press, fermenting grapes and DRINKING them instead of saying “wow, that’s probably really gross by now” and tossing the whole thing, the concept of family, kissing.


  49. Love and Lunchmeat Says:

    Humans converse, which makes for damn near endless entertainment. No other species seems to have that. They communicate, but it’s different. Actually we can even converse WITHOUT communicating so clearly we are extra special.

    Hope the kidney bean is doing well. I can still vaguely remember my daughter being small enough to be held with only one arm. Now, she’s old enough to tell me she hates dinner, which is not quite as cute.


  50. Rumpleteazer Says:

    Waltzing. Hugs. Theatre. (And theater.) Silver jewellery. David Bowie’s pants from the Labyrinth. Tim Curry in fishnets. Cashews. Lullabies.


  51. travellingmo Says:

    I love this list! Especially the Muppets. One can’t be sad when Muppets are around.


  52. Angie Z. Says:

    Mini-golf…yes! I would take it further and say mini-golf where the course has an adorable theme. Maybe like the Seven Wonders of the World theme from the movie Overboard?

    I need to try harder to read blog posts in real time. I needed this post a week ago.


  53. hollybernabe Says:

    Like Pavlov’s dogs, who salivated when the bell rang, I itch at the mere mention of the words “back scratcher.”

    *digging with single-minded purpose through my desk drawer looking for mine, then scratching my back victoriously with it once I find it*


    Not cool, man. That really distracted me from your blog. I couldn’t even get to the rest. But of course, how could you know what would elicit a Pavlovian response from me? Sigh.


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