A Friendly Reminder: It’s Also “Buy Nothing Day”

November 23, 2012


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21 Comments on “A Friendly Reminder: It’s Also “Buy Nothing Day””

  1. k8edid Says:

    I’m all in for Buy Nothing Day. Except maybe liquor. Probably. Well, definitely.


  2. Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom) Says:

    I bought a chai. But I live in Canada so I wasn’t thankful yesterday.

    And I was on my way to work. After having done a radio interview on the worst toys of the year.

    I’m only a partial hypocrite.


  3. Lily Says:

    I’m still cleaning up. I remember the days when I wouldn’t go to bed til everything was righted once more. I’m officially old. I cleaned up *almost* everything but simply had to sit.down. ;p


  4. Elyse Says:

    Brilliant! Thanks B’Man! Now quick, go get some toys your daughter won’t need until next year …


  5. Facetious Firecracker Says:

    I’m taking it one step further. I haven’t even gotten dressed. No shopping here, for sure.


  6. Go Jules Go Says:

    Guess what wound up being bloodier today? Michael’s craft store or a hike with a pit bull?

    (Pit bulls and prickly brush don’t mix, FYI.)

    P.S. – You maaaay want to see what I went out to buy at 7am this morning before you judge me.


  7. musingsoftheamusingmuse Says:

    I failed at buying nothing. I bought cat food. And concert tickets.


  8. winopants Says:

    Erf, two words: online shopping. My weakness
    But yes, who wants to deal with crowds and all that craziness? I’m going to hang out with the fam instead


  9. andshelaughs Says:

    Unfortunately Canada is having the first year of ‘Black Friday’ sales to keep shoppers from crossing the border. What a crappy way to celebrate ANYTHING.


  10. Mike Mendonsa Says:

    Good stuff. I usually prefer to stay home and drink myself. Cheer!


  11. Life With The Top Down Says:

    My son wanted Nike sweatpants at Kohl’s. I glared at him until he left. He seemed scared. Mission accomplished.


  12. The Bumble Files Says:

    Yay! Right? Do we make any sense at all? i love this.


  13. LizForADay Says:

    That was very easy for me. I try to hang on to every penny if I can. 🙂


  14. Laura Says:

    Well, I did buy myself a new cellphone today, but I also dropped a bunch of stuff off at Goodwill, so I think I’m even.


  15. Sandy Sue Says:

    Holidays are triggers for me as a person living with bipolar disorder. Finally, after so many years of setting myself up, I unplugged this year. No shopping. No family obligations or parties. It will take time to get used to this normal-ness.


  16. travellingmo Says:

    So true! I hate Black Friday with a fiery passion that burns deep in my soul. I work in retail, so it only adds to the fury. Luckily this year I was off and happily bought nothing!



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