Vote Bear and Cat in 2012

September 9, 2012


Well, the political conventions are over, and at last the great national question of who – who – will get the nominations for the two parties is settled.  Now we should take a break from all this serious political debate and complex rhetorical analysis of global issues and take time once again for a caption contest for our Increasingly Less Weekly Weekly Question of the Week here at The Byronic Man!  Sit back, let your mind wander, maybe find an empty chair to berate, and hit us with your best caption.

What do you think?  I know some of you may know the story behind this picture, but I’m saving that so as not to poison the creative well for your ideas of the conversation that might be happening here.

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49 Comments on “Vote Bear and Cat in 2012”

  1. Laura Says:

    Midnight looked up, stunned at the news. “Are you serious? I’m adopted? And you’re just telling me now?”


  2. Kate Says:

    “I’d heard black cats were bad luck, but it don’t matter which way you shake it you gotta be real unlucky to catch TWO dead trout – climate change is a bitch.”


  3. 1pointperspective Says:

    The cat on the right used new and improved Felinuminous Shampoo and Conditioner with more super body and volume enhancers!


  4. 1pointperspective Says:

    A dilemma: Is it worth squandering one of my nine lives to try to steal fish from a bear?


  5. 1pointperspective Says:

    Midnight knew that it was critical to eat fast so she could beat Ursa Major to the litter box.


  6. Life With The Top Down Says:

    Spooky: Are you positive this Trout is hormone free?
    Midnight: Why, do I look different?
    Spooky: Maybe


  7. speaker7 Says:

    Jelly the bear: Wow, I guess the budget cuts were severe. They’re really expecting me to mate with this cat?


  8. Go Jules Go Says:

    Bear: I asked for no lettuce. And I thought this came with fries.
    Cat: Just shut up and eat. God, you’re such a…
    Bear: What? What? Say it. You know you want to.
    Car: …Bear…in the mornings.


  9. benzeknees Says:

    “I’m not going to eat this, are you?”
    “I’m not going to eat either, we should get Mikey, Mikey will eat anything!”


  10. they still let me vote Says:

    “Okay….I’ll see your lettuce…and raise you a couple of fish…what you got furry guy?”


  11. Every Record Tells A Story Says:

    That’s one heck of an Afro, dude. Who’s your hairdresser?


  12. Every Record Tells A Story Says:

    That’s one heck of an Afro, dude – who’s your stylist?


  13. Every Record Tells A Story Says:

    “You want one of my fish?”
    “Do bears sh.. – er, I mean, is the pope catholic?”


  14. Every Record Tells A Story Says:

    “You do like cats, right?”
    “Yeah. But I couldn’t eat a whole one…”


  15. clemarchives Says:

    “Man,” Cat thought to himself, “I am never letting Dog set me up on a blind date again.”

    This made me think of the webcomic Bear and Kitten! Unfortunately it is gone now. 😦


  16. Carrie Rubin Says:

    “Guess which one ate the French guy who came with these croissants.”


  17. susielindau Says:

    Dude! This is what they feed you? Whoa… I’m going back to the sea lions. They’re served fish three times a day!


  18. tomwisk Says:

    After this I’m looking at desert.


  19. Kate Says:

    Hunting lessons in captivity: “easy does it big boy…you don’t want the fish to hear you coming.”


  20. Every Record Tells A Story Says:

    Cat: So, Mr Bear – where does your wife come from?”
    Mr Bear: “Alaska”
    Cat: “No don’t worry – I’ll ask her myself”…


  21. Kate Says:

    Do you think those fish contain omega 3? You’d better have my bun…since I’ve had the cubs carbs just seem to go straight to my hips….


  22. Renee Schuls-Jacobson Says:

    Underwhelmed, Barry and Kiity waited for their main dish to arrive, wondering what kind of restaurant served bread to its patrons without so much as a napkin or paper plate.


  23. Jessica Says:

    I guess this is what they mean by “animal style.”


  24. andshelaughs Says:

    I’m not so sure you’re really allergic, I think you just have a sensitivity to it.


  25. madtante Says:

    “I work hard all day, feeling trees in the forest so you can hide to take a dump. WHAT THE FECK IS THIS you put on my table?”

    “I told you that I’d take the pasta. Jesus. Look at that, you have fish and bread and…”


    “You better eat what I cooked or you’ll think ‘bear needs.'”


  26. Tina Says:

    Thanks for inviting me over for lunch. How’s the wife and kids?


  27. kriskkaria Says:

    We’re sharing right? You can have the one on the right, I need to watch my waistline.


  28. beckyD Says:

    Jack Sprat the cat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean…
    On another note, I had no idea bears could be so fluffy, and its ears look suspiciously pointy.


  29. Blogdramedy Says:

    “Who’s got the bad luck now, sucker!”


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