“Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting” by Kevin C. Powers

May 28, 2012


“Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting,” Kevin C. Powers, 2009

I tell her I love her like not killing   
or ten minutes of sleep   
beneath the low rooftop wall   
on which my rifle rests.   
I tell her in a letter that will stink,   
when she opens it,   
of bolt oil and burned powder   
and the things it says.   
I tell her how Pvt. Bartle says, offhand,   
that war is just us   
making little pieces of metal   
pass through each other.
Kevin C. Powers is a poet, writer and Iraq War veteran.
Poem and biographical information courtesy of The Poetry Foundation
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10 Comments on ““Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting” by Kevin C. Powers”

  1. 1pointperspective Says:

    Thanks for posting that, and of course thanks to Mr. Powers for everything.


  2. MJ, Nonstepmom Says:

    a great piece for Memorial Day – giving just a small glimpse into something most of us could never imagine…


  3. Lenore Diane Says:

    Wow. This piece is incredibly powerful. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  4. freddyflow Says:

    thanks. Good to take time off from our random silliness to see the bigger picture. Happy Memorial Day!


  5. pegoleg Says:

    Very thought provoking and melancholy, as poems about war are bound to be. Lovely.


  6. My Ox is a Moron Says:

    The amazing power of words. Thanks.


  7. mary i Says:

    I just agree with all of the above..Thank you for sharing.


  8. Elyse Says:

    Beautiful poem, Thanks for posting it.


  9. gravitasbaby Says:

    “Stink…of bolt oil and burnt powder.” That’s potent.


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