A Day To Give Thanks

November 25, 2011


I am thankful to have the whole family together this holiday evening, especially those who haven’t spoken to each other for so long, to share this special meal.

I am thankful for this wonderful looking turkey, and the honor of carving it.

I am thankful to hear the constant joyful shrieking of so many children.  I didn’t know so many relatives had so many children.  So, I’m thankful for that, too.

I am thankful that uncle Andy is enjoying the wine so much.  Save some for the rest of us, uncle Andy!  Ha ha.

I'm thankful that this knife apparently has a heart full of hate for meat.

I am thankful for this impressive electric knife someone brought to carve the turkey with.  And I am thankful for how well it works!  Wow!

I am thankful that the turkey shrapnel cleaned from the walls with little fuss.

I am thankful that the thousands of children in my house find the fact that the knife also took off part of my pinky to be so delightful.

I am thankful that we keep so much gauze in our home.

I am thankful that cousin Ruth is speaking to Aunt Laura for the first time in 4 years, and clearing the air.

See, everyone likes waffles, right? It's... you know... a compliment! Waffles!

I am thankful that Ruth is explaining that Laura misunderstood Ruth’s meaning when she said that Laura’s ass looked like the first waffle from the maker that you throw out.

I am thankful that Laura is expressing sympathy and understanding for Ruth being such a bitch.

I am thankful that the mashed potatoes are ready right now.

I am thankful that they’re actually not ready, as scalding-hot mashed potatoes could have really done some damage to Ruth’s and Laura’s faces, and my new suit.

I am thankful that uncle Andy feels comfortable enough to share his views on politics and “the lesser races.”

Waldorf Salads: Surprisingly soft

I am thankful that Andy has passed out, and I am thankful that the Waldorf salad was there to cushion his face from hitting the table.

I am thankful that the army of screaming children have learned the interesting effects that a bowl of gravy has on a Bose stereo.

I am thankful that an electric knife does no real damage when it’s been jerked from the wall-socket and thrust at Aunt Laura.

I am thankful that cousin Peter is a man who is unafraid to cry.  Loudly, and for no clear reason.

I am thankful to grandma for explaining why the family never gets together.

I am thankful for my wife thanking everyone for coming and helping them be careful that the door not hit anyone in the ass as they exit.

I am thankful to have a whole pumpkin pie to eat while I watch Heaven Can Wait on TV.

Seriously, if you've never seen 1978's Heaven Can Wait...

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18 Comments on “A Day To Give Thanks”

  1. becomingcliche Says:

    God bless families for giving us a reason to live so far away.


  2. gojulesgo Says:

    You did a great job typing with only 9 fingers.

    I am putting that waffle insult in my back pocket, just in case. Happy Thanksgiving, Byronic Man!


    • Byron MacLymont Says:

      Just remember to give credit, as in, “Oh. My. God. That girl’s butt looks like the first waffle from the maker that you throw out (copyrightthebyronicman2011allrightsreserved).”


  3. k8edid Says:

    I would feel right at home….and I can bandage fingers to make them look like finger puppets. See ya next year.


  4. BrainRants Says:

    That’s the only good Beatty movie there is, man, you kidding?


    • Byron MacLymont Says:

      It’s definitely my favorite, but I’m a big fan of several Beatty films, I got to say. Bonnie & Clyde, Parallax View, Mickey One, Bugsy. But there’s no shortage of misfires, as well.


  5. jacquelincangro Says:

    I am thankful that you write these posts and keep me in stitches. (Not the same stitches required for your finger, of course.)


    • Byron MacLymont Says:

      You know what’s weird? I dreamt this post. Not even the event, I dreamt actually writing it. Woke up with the whole thing complete in my head. I don’t what that means, exactly, but it suggests I’ve crossed some sort of line.


  6. angrymiddleagewoman Says:

    I felt as if I were there! Enjoy the pie.


  7. psychowatcher Says:

    Why were you at my familie’s house this year?


  8. truthspew Says:

    I don’t know if there will ever be a family thanksgiving again, well maybe with one of my aunts, but my I haven’t spoken to my father in about a year now and have no intention whatsoever of talking to him ever again.


  9. thesinglecell Says:

    I will never be able to look at an ass again without determining, on a scale of 1-10, how much it looks like the first waffle of the batch.


  10. ifiwerebraveblog Says:

    No matter how much I have to drink, I can never get a buzz at family gatherings. How is that possible?


  11. MJ, Nonstepmom Says:

    I am thankful this holiday is only once a year.


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