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500 Days of Simpsons

February 19, 2012


For this week’s Weekly Question of the Week, I wanted to do something in honor of The Simpsons’ 500th episode.  Because regardless of whether or not you’re a fan, regardless of whether or not you think the show should still be running – 500 hundred episodes of a TV show is a pretty amazing accomplishment. […]

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Ode To Spewing Your Drink Out Your Nose And Needing Breath So Bad Your Ribs Hurt

January 7, 2012


I love laughter.  I know that’s nothing profound or anything, but I just do.  I love laughing, I love hearing people laugh, and I love love love making people laugh.  Always have.  I’m not sure what has me reflecting on this, but possibly my wife saying that I laugh more at TV and movies than […]

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