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Olympic Blogging. Yeah. I Like The Sound of That.

July 8, 2012


The Olympic trials are wrapping up (Go Ashton Eaton!), and we’re all set for another year of the games. We are all set, right London?  Nothing you need to tell us?  Great. The Olympics, of course, have changed a lot since their noble beginnings. Initially, the idea was to take warfare and place it in […]

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What’s Hot & What’s Not For Summer

June 21, 2012


Most popular cocktails for summer Mojito Cosmopolitan Margarita Least popular cocktails for summer Brocco-tini Beef Nog Listerine & Tonic Most popular ice cream flavors Vanilla Chocolate Butter Pecan Least popular ice cream flavors Chutney Fudge Swirl Uncooked Pork Explosion Ben & Jerry’s “Does This Smell Like It’s Gone Bad To You?” Most popular family vacation […]

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