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Viva La Revolution! (With Extra Dipping Sauce)

January 3, 2013


“Join the Take ‘N Bake Revolution!” – Papa Murphy’s Pizza flyer left at our house. Day 152: I know we must continue to work in the shadows, but at times my rage is barely containable.  I watch these people deceived by the mindless convenience of the oppressive “delivery” system under which we toil.  It pains […]

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Love Is In The Air. Also Smoke. And The Smell Of Wet Dog.

February 14, 2012


Hello, sweetie!  Wait, don’t come in, I have Valentine’s surprises aplenty waiting for you.  Close your eyes.  No cheating! Okay, I’ll lead you in.  No, just leave your things out here on the stoop; they’ll be fine.  Yes, I know your laptop is in your bag, it’ll be perfectly safe. Aaaaand, a step up, a […]

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