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Should You Vote For The Caption Contest Finalists?? Does A Photographer Strip In The Woods?

January 20, 2013


Last week’s caption contest had a lot of great entries. If you haven’t, you really should take a moment to read the entries here.  Narrowing it down to 5 meant finally just flipping a coin, basically.  But flip a coin I did, to reach these finalists.  (Also, there were some great ones that I finally […]

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Caption Contest: Bad Dream Senior Pictures Edition

January 13, 2013


It’s caption contest day!  Hurray! You all know how this works: ponder the odd majesty of the image below and leave your best caption; next week I’ll present the finalists for voting. Some images are just weird.  Some you can tell were caught at just the wrong moment.  Then there are the ones that you […]

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