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If Kids’ Stories Were Internet Headlines…

May 19, 2014


The itsy-bitsy spider went up a water-spout – and then things got crazy. This little girl found 3 bowls of porridge. What she did next made me cry. This dog, Carl, is freaking AWESOME. This guy grew a beanstalk up to the clouds using this one crazy trick! 18 things wicked women do that drive […]

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25 Of The Onion’s Best Headlines, For Their 25th Anniversary

August 30, 2013


Look, I like to think I can make with the occasional bit of funny here.  But I know who’s in charge.  And that Monarch is, of course, The Onion. Sorry, Brits – The Daily Mash is pretty great, but The Onion is, frankly, staggering.  And today they are 25 years old.  So, to celebrate in […]

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