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Ultimate Survival Guide: When Bad Ears Happen To Good Bees

September 3, 2013


“Get to a dark place as quickly as possible and try to lure the bee out of your ear with a single source of light like a flashlight… Never try to pull it out with your fingers.” – From “Tormented By A Bee In Your Ear,” Dangerous Situations, And How To Escape in One Piece, […]

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Max And The Lost Shakespeare Thank-You Note, Part 1

February 18, 2013


Max and the Lost Shakespeare Thank-You Note, Part 1: The Turn of the Table In the basement-level shop she worked from, Maxine Cho looked in to her crystal ball, stepping lightly on the lighting pedal to give it that “other-worldly” internal glow.  “I sense,” she said in an exaggerated, generic – and completely fake – […]

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