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If You Prefer To Vote In The Middle of the Night, That’s Reasonable

June 2, 2012


You may want to stay up for several nights in a row in order to properly field test this: it’s time to vote for the best movie to watch when you have insomnia!  Bear in mind, you’re not necessarily looking for the movie on the list you’d most like to watch, or your personal favorite […]

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Bears, If You Are Unable To Use A Laptop, Please Vote Via Roar.

May 26, 2012


Oh, man, I may have to do this caption thing more often.  The responses this week were just fantastic.  I almost couldn’t bear to eliminate any of them, so bear with me if yours isn’t among the finalists!  I also suspect you’ll have a bear of a time choosing from among them! Bear. But the […]

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Bear With Me This Week (Ha! ‘Cause The Picture! It’s of a Bear!)

May 20, 2012


We got a lot of rules around here.  A lot of policies; a lot of guidelines.  First off?  No typos.  Ever.  Next?  A firm commitment to pictures of half of people’s faces.  And rule 3: “why not.”  So instead of a question for this week, I thought we’d try the Weekly Caption of the Week! […]

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