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Hey, Deb Bryan, Let’s Play 20 Questions!

February 16, 2012


This edition of 20 Questions features Deb Bryan, from The Monster In Your Closet.  We first connected over our common love of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Angel.  She was an extra a few times on the two shows, while I, actually, was originally supposed to play the part of Angel, but then it turned out […]

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Hey, Blogdramedy, Let’s Play 20 Questions!

February 2, 2012


Today’s installment of 20 Questions features Blogdramedy. Blogdramedy is one of my very first blog buddies, and I couldn’t be more pleased to feature her.  I like to picture Blogdramedy in black & white, like a female reporter in an old Howard Hawks movie.  Gumption.  Moxie.  Sass.  Chutzpah. Also, she lives on a boat at […]

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Hey, BrainRants, Let’s Play 20 Questions!

January 19, 2012


Today’s edition of 20 Questions features the popular and prolific Brainrants.  If you’re unfamiliar with Brainrants, I think it’d be safe to describe his style as “blunt.”  He posts something every day (which I think is rude, making me feel bad about myself like that) on a huge range of subjects – from food to […]

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Hey, Jules From Go Guilty Pleasures, Let’s Play 20 Questions!

January 10, 2012


Today marks the kick-off of what will hopefully be wildly enjoyable and successful feature here at The Byronic Man: The 20 Questions Interview. It’s modeled after the famous Proust Questionnaire designed to get to know artistic types a little better.  Mine’s perhaps not as poignant and sophisticated as the other one, but on the other […]

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