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All Thanks Being Equal

February 26, 2013


Continuing from Part 3, the conclusion (finally) of… Max and the Lost Shakespeare Thank-You Note, Part 4: All Thanks Being Equal… The yellowed piece of paper in Maxine’s hand read: Thanks for hiring me to write the bible! I didst the very best I was able. Now everyone can be churchin’, From viscount to urchin. (To ‘Wm. […]

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Into The Belly of the Bear

February 20, 2013


Continuing from Part 1: A Turn of the Table… Max and the Lost Shakespeare Thank-You Note, Part 2: Into The Belly of the Bear “So then he the truck takes our garbage – just takes it – and drives away!  I’m like, ‘That’s right, garbage truck – you better run!’ Scared the crap out of […]

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It’s The Weekly Question of the Week… IN SPACE!

August 12, 2012


So it’s nothing new to take stories and re-tell them in a new setting.  The most obvious example might be science-fiction, where often the extremity of the setting allows for a tidy allegory.  This often manifests as the “… IN SPACE!” plot.  You know, “It’s High Noon… IN SPACE!” (the movie Outland.)  “It’s the Cold […]

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