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5 Things I’d Feel Mixed About Having Named After Me

August 14, 2013


1. A pump-house.  “Wow! A municipal building named after me!  A little… windowless shack… hidden from public view… that belches fluid.  For… me… wow…” 2. A disease.  You found it, you made a medical advancement… but now people have to be told in solemn voices that they’ve contracted… you.  Seems like scientists might see this […]

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Casualty Of War: A Short Biography Of My Uncle Jerry

November 12, 2012


My uncle Jerry was the third of four sons to his parents, my dad being the fourth.  He had a sunny disposition and a way with words that enabled him to defuse situations that led to violence in most childhoods of his generation.  He loved to tell long, involved stories about his experiences punctuated with […]

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