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Secrets of Area 51: Revealed!

August 20, 2013


The US government has just formally, officially acknowledged the existence of Nevada’s infamous “Area 51” – where some believe an alien spacecraft crashed in the early 1950’s – saying that it was a base for the development of U2 spy planes.  What does this acknowledgement mean? The residents of Area 51 can finally get their […]

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Oh, A “Yard Sale”? Sure, That’s Just What The Government Wants You To Think.

October 15, 2012


*** While The Byronic Man learns the answer to the query, “4 should be fine.  I mean, how many burp cloths could a person possibly need?” please enjoy this old, uh, classic post.  *** Okay, pop quiz, hot shot… You’re at a yard sale.  Why are you at a yard sale?  I don’t know, maybe […]

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