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For Your (Re)Consideration: The Wire

June 22, 2012


*For Your (Re)Consideration is periodic feature in which I/we re-visit some piece of art that is universally adored or hated or forgotten or some mix thereof to look at the hype versus the reality.* There are basically two kinds of people when it comes to the HBO series The Wire: There are the people who […]

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UPDATE: HBO Cancels Luck, And The Byronic Man Is Incredibly Powerful

March 15, 2012


UPDATE: So a few hours ago I wrote about the rampant horse abuse lately on TV shows, including the death of the third horse involved with the production of HBO’s Luck.  And now HBO has halted production of Luck indefinitely! It’s been canceled, and I think it’s obvious it’s because of my blog post.  I […]

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