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Christmas Songs You’d Just Like To Hug and Give A Big Ol’ Kiss

December 18, 2011


As we get closer to the holidays, perhaps it’s time to turn the mood to the positive, the festive.  Because while it’s true that some things about the holiday season are trying and awful, there are always those things that get under you skin and, try as you might to not, you just love them. […]

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Christmas Songs You’d Like To Punch In Their Stupid Faces

December 4, 2011


This week’s Weekly Question of the Week is inspired by Becoming Cliché’s post from a couple days ago about the worst Christmas songs ever written.  Christmas songs provoke impressive and diverse reactions.  There are many that I dig that I completely understand others loathe, and vice versa.  For example, I like “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” […]

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