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When In Amsterdam, Do As The Amsterdam…ian…er…ites… Do.

March 11, 2013


Continuing from the first part of the story, getting to Amsterdam during my senior year of college…  One of the things that came with being a “sampler’s pack” of backpackers was that we all had differing agendas.  We tried to overlap them, but this led to some, let’s say, conflicts of interest. Southern Belle went […]

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Getting To Amsterdam On $20, Strangers For Companions, And No Idea Where You’re Going

March 4, 2013


When I was in college I spent a couple terms in Nottingham, England.  Toward the end of Fall term I decided to go to Amsterdam – by that point, though, almost all the Exchange students had already gone, so it was down to the scraps: Two guys from Maine, a southern belle, some random guy […]

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