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That Really Pushes My Buttons

May 6, 2012


WordPress, it seems, is always looking for ways to improve its sense of community, and finding ways for bloggers to find and connect with each other.  Also, they seem to enjoy having your “follow” lists blink in and out, so that sometimes you’re following a blog, then you aren’t, so you re-follow, then suddenly you’re […]

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The Running of the Artists

September 12, 2011


So, I ran my first 10k race yesterday.  Yes, I know – “Ooh, a whole 10 kilometers?  Well, you just rest those rocket launchers there, Mr. Prefontaine, while I dial the Guinness people for you.”  But it was the first one I’ve done, and only the second race I’ve ever been in.  So it was […]

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